A Quick And Easy Survey

Would you like to do a quick survey?


Not even if it’s been put together with my new survey software?  😉

Yep, this is a demo of my new script that you can use to bang out surveys in no time flat.  Unlike some scripts I’ve used which are horribly complicated, the Instant Survey Script is designed to be easy to use.

You can also actually embed surveys created with the Instant Survey Script inside other pages like this one.

But not today as I want you to see what a survey looks like on a page all on its own.

So with that thought follow the link below to fill in a very short survey of just 4 questions, and after you’ve completed it, you can immediately see the survey results.  Just bookmark the results page to see them as they’re updated.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank!
Another “Frank Special” on the way; this script is something that can be very useful for a lot of us!

I have a couple of comments:
1) What’s the reason you are not using black as the font color. Using #333333 or
another off-black font color makes it harder to read. (And perhaps you should change the background colors to something a little more cheerful?)

2)Will the user be able to set font and background colors?

I also suggest you move the
“Yes Please” and “No Thanks” buttons around so that “Yes” is on the left.

Any idea when this script will be released?
Another nickelsale?

Can’t wait to get my little hands on this, Frank!


Frank Haywood

Hi Jan,

I used one of the built in colour schemes that David has come up with. I quite like it actually. 😉

You can also create your own colour schemes using an easy to use colour picker, and save them for re-use in any other surveys.

I’ll have to do a video showing how to create a survey I think.

I intend to release the script in a pre-launch on Tuesday using a nickel sale, and probably starting at $7.00. I’ll just run this one for 48 hours and then remove it as most of the action happens in that time anyway.

Launch price will be $47, probably through ClickBank only initially, and then settle at $97 about a month later. Which if you think about it, is nothing to a business for such an easy to use tool.

Yes, I know that there are other survey scripts out there but they’re all either over the top, too fiddly, too expensive or too difficult to use.

The Instant Survey Script is easy.


Larry @ Commercial Lighting

Not a bad program. Was very simple and results we posted quickly.

Jim Davies – The Web Professor


I think you have hit another home run or what is that in cricket? I am sure that we will see this script available soon in a nickle sale?

Thanks for what you do,

Jim Davies

John Derrick@Manifesting Cards – The Simple Law of Attraction Course

Just took your survey and it was quick and painless.

Looks like you have another great product on the way that will soon be part of my business model.

I love the optional integration with the newsletter… Which I assume will work with Aweber.

Have a successful and wonderful day!

– John Derrick

Gareth@ Self Publishing

Hi Frank,
Looks very useful, already thought of some uses.
Just surprised by the results of your little test survey. I always thought traffic, be it the right sort, was the key to success. The results here could keep you going for a few posts.
So I guess that just proves how successful the software is.
All the best

Frank Haywood

Jim: It’s a 6 in cricket, but you’re asking the wrong person. 😉 And yes Tuesday will be pre-launch day and a nickel sale.

John: This first release only gathers names and email addresses internally, but you can export them as a CSV for use in an autoresponder. We’ll add in support for third party autoresponder services with the next release.

Gareth: Testing and Tracking most important, who would have thought? You’re absolutely right about the success of even this one survey.

I’m pleased to see a whopping 66% who took this survey consider themselves intermediate or experienced. And I guess that’s why testing and tracking has come so high – a more experienced marketer would recognise the need to test, track and ask questions.

But I would never have known that if I hadn’t asked.

In fact this morning I’ve been discussing putting APE back while we concentrate on putting together a simple split testing script. After all, if you can make your sales pages better and convert more prospects, you’re giving yourself a pay rise.

Just get a mediocre 1% conversion up to 2% or 3% and you’ve doubled or trebled your income for the same amount of traffic. Seems pretty cool to me and a bit of a no-brainer. (So why aren’t I doing it yet?)