48 Hour Special – Second Multiple Streams Theme

The second Multiple Streams Theme for business and pro bloggers is now available again for 48 hours-ish, closing on Tuesday at 9.00pm EST.

It’s priced at just $17 for the duration of this special offer.  After that the price will rise ($27) while we set up the official site, and then eventually rise one more time to its regular price.

But until 9.00pm EST on Tuesday 3rd August, you can get it for just $17.

I know that when the pre-order offer closed a few days ago that some people missed it and were upset.  I’m sorry about that, but there’s a LOT of work going into these themes and any discounted offer like this is a good one and worth every penny.

We will also only be selling 200 copies in total, and the first batch of 68 (I intended 50 but I let the pre-order run a little longer) have already quickly gone on pre-order, leaving 132 copies.

(If you don’t yet have the first Multiple Streams Theme, there are about 20 of the original 200 remaining.)

And just like the original theme, we wanted to make sure it was as flexible as possible, so we also included the Ads Manager plugin – it’s incredibly powerful.

When you see how it can display or suppress ads on your site, you’ll be blown away at how useful it is as Ads Manager allows you to only suppress or display ads to visitors based on rules you select or create.

You can do things like only show a particular ad to visitors who have come from search engines.  Or only show the ad on posts that are more than 2 weeks old.

And just to really give you some power over how and when your ads are displayed, we also included WordPress Conditional Tags as one of the rules you can set.  There are a LOT of tags that can be used and you’ll find out where to find them in the included mst-readme.txt inside the zip.

So for example, you could add is_front_page() to the conditional tags box and your visitors would only see the ad on the front page of your blog.

Or you could add is_single() and your visitors would only see the ad on a post and not on your front page, or you could use is_page() and the ad would only appear on pages, and so on.  You can even specify individual posts and pages, or put another way, the Ads Manager plugin enables you to show different ads on different posts and pages.

It gives you almost total control over your ads and it’s PERFECT for use with the Multiple Streams Themes.

Here are the key points of the second Multiple Streams Themes:-

o Designed to provide you multiple income streams.
o Only 200 copies will ever be sold.
o Multi-site usage licence for sites you personally own.
o Supplied with “Ads Manager” plugin for full control of your ads.
o Carefully placed subscriber sign up box in the “Golden Triangle”.
o Latest posts at a glance.
o Featured freebie.
o Time sensitive offers.
o Product spotlight.
o New releases.
o THIRTEEN sidebars giving you increased flexibility of ad placement.
o Ready made sidebar ads for your affiliate links.
o Sidebar ads are editable.
o Full WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus support.
o Ideal for use with the “Subscribers Only” plugin.
o Ideal for use with the “Widgets In It” plugin.
o Ideal for use with the “WordPress AutoResponder” plugin.

The theme has been designed with you in mind and allows you to create a blog where you can build your mailing list (vital), review products, and also promote multiple products as an affiliate.

Just like the first theme, it’s been designed to make your life easier.

You can view it installed and active on the Multiple Streams Themes site here:-


You can purchase the theme for just $17 in this 48 hour special using the button below:-

Buy now

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Do you or will you have a “developers” license available with this theme???


Frank Haywood


Okay Ken, I’ll sort something out. Will either a developer or blog flipper licence do? Something like that?


I got it this time… Thank you for a second chance to grab this amazing theme.

Frank Haywood


You’re welcome, thanks for buying.


$17 seems pretty cheap! I might give this a go. I’ve been looking for a Second Multiple Stream for a while now so I might give this one a go… Thanks for the post and the good info!

alexander john

thanks for the great deal!