48 Hour AdSpurt Special (Re-Launch)

Update: This offer is now CLOSED.


One of the BEST products I’ve ever released is a script called AdSpurt, and today and tomorrow I’m running a $20 special for it plus another bonus script thrown in for good measure.

AdSpurt is designed to allow you to quietly monetise any kind of site via ClickBank and PayDotCom ads.

I would always recommend monetisation by affiliate program over something like Google AdSense, even though AdSense seems to be the choice of many. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Just because lots of other people do something doesn’t mean it’s right – it usually means they haven’t given it much thought.)

I tested it for 3 months before release and proved to my satisfaction that this type of ad receives 6 times more clicks than other ads.

And while AdSpurt is quite a sophisticated program, it’s also been designed to be very easy to use.

As an example, if you have a niche autoblog on a particular topic, you choose your keywords, choose your ClickBank or PayDotCom ad and save.

Then whenever any of your selected keywords are used, AdSpurt will automatically turn them into either a DHTML hover ad (double underlined links), or a regular link using your affiliate details.

And because there’s a LOT of thought gone into this script to get it just right, we made sure your affiliate links are cloaked and look like direct links to the target site or page. We’ve done this by using javascript to generate the links AFTER the page has been drawn. 😉

i.e. A visitor arrives at your site, the page gets drawn in their browser, and then javascript we’ve written reads all the text on the page and then adds the links in afterwards.

Is that cool or what? 😉

Since we released it, there’s never been a similar program released by anyone else, and I personally think that’s because it would be a gargantuan task by any developer to duplicate it.

It actually took us 18 months to get right.

We packed all sorts of cool features into this script, from faster, BETTER search of the ClickBank database than even ClickBank do (check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me), to Flash driven graphs generated from your click through stats.

AdSpurt normally sells for $47, but as I’m about to do a redesign and relaunch of the web site, I’m doing a subscribers only 48 hour special for just $20.

And to sweeten the deal, I’m also going to include a copy of the Instant Survey Script (ISS) for free (normally $27) for exactly the same reasons as AdSpurt.

Using ISS you can quickly and easily create surveys and find out exactly what it is your visitors are interested in.

This two for (less than the price of) one deal at just $20 for both scripts is running for 48 hours or until I hit 100 sales, and you can grab it at the $20 price on the link below.


Update: This offer is now CLOSED.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


David Jewell

Hi Frank,

– Reviewed deal
– Saw Great ROI potential for my sites
– Bought it….



David Jewell

PS Have we the ability to remove “powered by adspurt” branding, I do hope so!

Frank Haywood

@David Jewell:

The words “no brainer” on this deal were my exact thoughts too. 😉

I use AdSpurt on my niche autoblogs, as it seems particularly good at getting the interest of visitors, and I reckon it must be that little bit of curiousity associated with double underlined links.

If you then also get your ad text just right, it results in the desired click through, and CB commissions pay much MUCH better than AdSense.

I believe you can remove the “Powered by AdSpurt” link if you have a bit of a hack around the CSS and javascript, but there’s no admin function to do so. However, what you CAN do is add your affiliate link in the admin panel so that if anyone clicks through and buys AdSpurt, you earn 75% commission. 😉


Hi Frank,

please can you tell me if Adspurts will also work within wordpress blogs?

I only would be interested in it if I can use it with wordpress blogs since I am moving all my sites to wp blogs.



Frank Haywood


Yes, it’s in action right here on this blog.

All you need to do after installation is paste two lines of javascript into footer.php right above the tag, or use my Scripts Manager plugin to add the code.

The nice thing is, once you’ve set the keywords within AdSpurt, then even if one of your visitors adds the keywords as a comment to a post like this one, AdSpurt will hyperlink it automatically for you. Just like the link in the paragraph above. 😉

Ah, before I forget. As a side-effect of the links being created by javascript within the visitors browser, there’s absolutely no SEO penalty…


Hi Frank,

thanks for your quick reply. It is apprecaited as always. 🙂

One last question: Why do you say use AdSpurt instead of Adsense? I don’t think that
using AdSpurt would be against Adsense policies or am I wrong?

I only thought Adsense is against using two contextual systems on the same page which create ads from the keywords used at the website but like Chitika AdSpurt should work teh same way. Am I right?

Kind regards,


Frank Haywood


Yes you’re absolutely right about AdSpurt not being a contextual ad system, so it’s fine for use with AdSense if that’s what you want as you won’t be breaking the Google TOS/policies.

Just to clarify, AdSpurt is keyword driven, not contextual. So if you don’t set the keywords and create the ads, nothing will show. But it’s easy enough to search through ClickBank

But the way I see it is if you dilute a page’s revenue by using AdSense on it, you won’t get the full benefit of commissions from CB and PDC affiliate programs. 😉

That’s why I say do away with AdSense as the returns just aren’t worth it when you compare them to what you can earn with ClickBank commissions.

About 18 months ago, I believe it was John Thornhill who came to the same conclusion and removed AdSense ads from all his sites and replaced them with ClickBank ads instead. He was fed up with earning a few dollars from his sites for AdSense clicks and preferred to earn hundreds of dollars in commissions instead.

To me it’s an easy decision to make.

Now it’s something I’ve never done in earnest, but I reckon it wouldn’t be that difficult to pick some niches that have plenty of ClickBank and PayDotCom affiliate programs, and build and promote sites just to earn commissions from CB and PDC.

I do know that some people build whole sites just to advertise one CB program, well why not build a site as a vehicle for several instead? 😉


David Jewell

Awesome Frank.
Although I should have said this last year when I bought your other tools…You have always provided solid Non BS Advice, Product & Support and that my friend is like a breath of fresh air in this overcrowded IM scene. Keep it going like this please and you will continue to reap what you sow. 🙂

Frank Haywood

@David Jewell:

Well thank you. I don’t always get it right, but I do try my best, and I’ve been putting systems in place to make it better overall. We’ll see. 🙄


Hi Frank, Is this version of Adspurt any different than the previous adspurt? I purchased the original adspurt and was just wondering if this one is different. Thanks for some great products!

Frank Haywood


No it’s the same script.

However I’m going to relaunch with all new graphics, sales copy and videos, so I thought I’d give everyone the chance who doesn’t already have to grab it at a discounted price. 😉


Great product Frank!

Is there a way to make the ads show longer than what you have on this site?

I read fast, but the AdSpurts you show on this site close so fast (unless you place your curser on it) that I can’t read what you have written on them, so I’m sure most people that click on them can’t read them either.



Frank Haywood

@Neil Adams:

Yes, I *think* if you open style.js in a text editor, you’ll see there’s a line that says:-

uniquenameKeywordParser.popup.timer = 2000;

That 2000 is in milliseconds, ie 2 seconds. Change it to something higher, reload the page and test it out. I wouldn’t go higher than about 5 seconds (5000) though as the length of the hover ad just sitting there might annoy people. Just my opinion.


Dexter Damien Chan

Hi Frank, I have gotten this script and wanted to get it into action… but… apparently its not working on my blog. It works on the demo page though. 🙁

Does it clash with other scripts like Kontera, Google Analytics?

Frank Haywood

@Dexter Damien Chan:

We’ve not had clashes with other javascript reported as a problem. If the demo page is working, then you know the script is doing its thing.

What it *may* be is you might’ve created an ad with spaces between the keywords after the comma, like this:-

golf, swing, pro, club

Remove the spaces so it looks like this:-


I reckon that’s all it is, and I’ve fallen over that one myself.

If it’s not that, then view the source on your page to see if the javascript is definitely just above the tag.

If it still doesn’t work, then raise a support ticket with your FTP details and I’ll take a look myself.


G’day Frank,

You have suckered me on this one. Since I bought the script manager and found great uses for it you now tell me I can use it with this script.

Gone to play again.

Have A Nice 1

Rob P.

Frank Haywood

@Rob Paris:

Lol! I’m sure you’re not a sucker! The Script Manager plugin is a great little tool, and I’m positive you’ll keep stumbling over uses for it as you go.

Like (I think) I said it’s one of those great little tools that as you use more, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.