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Recently Related Plugin

Update: The sale for the Recently Related plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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Demo Site

That’s a bit of a strange name I know, but I think it sums up how the plugin works very nicely.

What it does is actively keep your visitor on your site longer in a completely white hat way.

o Unlike other plugins that use a proprietary algorithm that you can’t control, you get to control which posts are related via the use of standard WP tags.
o Create multiple related posts and recently viewed content via the sidebar widgets and shortcodes.
o You can optionally choose to show titles, images and excerpts.
o You can set default numbers of posts to display.
o Works with your existing tags so no need for any extra work to set up.
o Widgets add related content to any sidebar or footer.
o Shortcode puts related or recently viewed posts on any page or post.
o Your visitors can quickly see the posts they’ve read and related content they might find interesting.
o Examples of use might be (and not limited to) review blogs, affiliate sites, or any website that you’re monetising in some way, or using to build a list.

It’s well known that the longer someone spends on a page, the more likely they are to take the action that you want them to. That would for example typically be to buy, to share or to subscribe.

The same is true if you keep someone on a site for as long as possible. They’re far more likely to subscribe if they find what they’re looking for on your site, and if that’s several examples of what they’re interested in, then they’ll go for it.

The plugin does two key things.

#1 – It enables you to display to the reader content that is related to the post they’ve just viewed.

#2 – It enables you to display content that they’ve recently viewed, allowing them to easily get back to the content they’ve just been looking at.

You can present this content in your sidebars via two new widgets, and / or present it on specific pages and posts via the use of a shortcode.

The best bit is that unlike other plugins that only do part of what Recently Related does, it lets YOU decide what content is related by the use of tags.

What I mean by that is, every other plugin I’ve seen (that only does the related posts thing) uses an inbuilt method to decide what’s related. In other words you have no control whatsoever on what’s displayed to the viewer.

By using tags to identify related content, you get full control.  😉

The recently viewed content comes into play when your visitor returns to your site to find what they were looking at before.

Or maybe they’ve been working their way through a few posts. This just makes it very easy for them to get back to where they were.


-Frank Haywood

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Webinars Made Easier

Everything you wanted to know about webinars, but were afraid to ask…

Part of the changes I’m making in my business for this year are to provide you with useful training content.

I’ll be doing this by a series of free videos covering various topics such as copy writing, building a sales page, mindset, product creation, outsourcing and so on.

I KNOW lots of people want this kind of stuff after doing my course on auto backing up your web sites last September.

(Incidentally, there will be an updated version available soon to everyone that bought with a proper members area and an affiliate scheme. Watch this space and wait for the email – it’s no additional cost to anyone that has already purchased.)

It’s mainly swilling about in my head at the moment, and only exists as a comprehensive set of notes. But videos and documentation are coming.

Most of it will be free, some will be paid for.

And… One of the things that I’ll be doing later this year are webinars.

Webinars are easy. I know some people get a bit scared, but believe me it’s a LOT easier than standing in front of a room full of people who are waiting to hear you speak.  😉

The best bit is that you get to do the whole thing in the comfort of your own home and even have someone giving you a big hug if you need it.

No-one would ever know…

I know people like them simply because of the useful stuff you can learn, and I ALSO know that when you do any *selling* via a webinar, then people buy.

Simply, the conversion rate is much higher. It’s far more normal to achieve rates of 30-40% conversions rather 3-4%.

And I think I understand the psychology of why this is too, but I’ve not seen anyone discuss this anywhere.

Ingrained in the human psyche is the need to pay back for any perceived favours given. It’s a co-operative mutual help thing that’s been proven to help in individual’s successes.

You can read all about this in Robert B. Cialdini’s book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” which you can pick up for a few dollars on Amazon. Well worth it if you do ANY kind of selling – either products or services.


I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground for anything to do with webinars.

And then along comes this quite nice training at an 80% discount for a few days – it ends quite soon.

A heads up first though. The content is good, but you have to pick your way through some of the more obvious stuff before you get to the goodies.

And the members area isn’t laid out in modules as you’d expect it to be.

Those things aside, you could do a lot worse than to grab yourself a copy of this training while it’s on discount.

I love a bargain and I figure that if I like this then you may like it too.


-Frank Haywood

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