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Geo IP Switcher Plugin

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This plugin is designed to do two things.

#1 – It addresses the EU VAT (sales tax) issue.
#2 – It enables you to sell to countries that don’t support PayPal.

What it actually does is allow you to run two code snippets on a page.

A default one that displays to countries you wish to sell to using PayPal, and also an alternative code snippet if it isn’t a country that PayPal supports, OR an EU country.

In other words, if someone arrives on your web page that isn’t from a country in your list, then they won’t see the default payment button (or other code), they will instead see the alternative payment processor.

o Automatically switches to alternative payment processor
o Manage unlimited products from a single WordPress Site
o Emergency mode for payment processor limitations
o Will switch out any HTML, not just payment code
o Ideal way of resolving EU VAT rules
o Simply switch to ClickBank for EU countries

Here’s the background to it.

There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle recently with the new EU law that came into force on January 1st. It states that if you are selling into EU countries, then you should be charging VAT (sales tax) at each country’s VAT rate. You should then be paying that money you’ve collected to each country.

<sarcasm>Wow. Just wow.</sarcasm>

In a nutshell…

The idea is that large companies like Amazon and eBay etc that have set up house in Luxembourg were only paying VAT at Luxembourg rates. The governments from the EU countries didn’t like that, and so we have this new law that will prevent this from happening and cause these big companies to now have to pay VAT at local rates for each country.

It doesn’t just affect the big companies though, as we ALL now have to charge and pay VAT for every different EU country at each country’s rate.

As you can imagine, for some this is a massive bureaucratic nightmare, especially for smaller businesses that just can’t or don’t want to handle all the extra paperwork.

As a result, some smaller businesses have decided they won’t sell to the EU anymore.

Personally I don’t think that’s a good solution, and so here’s Geo IP Switcher.

Now you can provide an alternative payment processor such as ClickBank for non-EU and non-PayPal supported countries.

Why ClickBank?

Well, ClickBank aren’t your “normal” payment processor. They sell your products on your behalf, and THEY become the vendor of the product, not you. They’ve also for a few years now been charging sales tax at the appropriate rate and paying it to each country where required.

This makes them ideal for relieving you of a potentially massive headache.

Of course you don’t have to use ClickBank with this plugin, you could just throw up a message saying you don’t deal with EU countries any more, and not allow people to buy.  Or use a different payment processor that suits you more.

Either way, using this plugin keeps you within the law.

The sale goes live at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) Tuesday 3rd March.

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-Frank Haywood

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