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Magic Link Alerts Plugin

Update: The sale for the Magic Link Alert plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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Demo Page

Quite simply, it allows you to customise links on your pages to display an alert rather than go directly to the link.

o Unlimited Link Alerts can be created
o Multiple Link Alerts on a page or post
o Customised calls to action with every page and post
o Include text and HTML
o Add your own “box” graphic
o Set unlimited background and border colours
o Optionally set a background image
o Integrated opt in form – just paste your code
o Opt in form can use name and/or email
o Short Code Driven
o Developer licence during this sale only

Here are some alert example screen shots. You can pretty much design your own from scratch using this plugin.



An optin alert.



A simple

The beauty of this plugin – and what I particularly like about it – is that it sits there doing nothing until your visitor clicks one of your activation links.

When they do, then the alert is displayed to them.

THEY’RE the ones that actively trigger it.  😉

This alert could be to convey some important information about your site or services, an optin form for more information on the topic, or a special offer.

For example, a reader clicks a link to find out more information about a topic they’ve just been reading about and they get an optin form to complete before they can get to the page.

The nice thing about this is, at this point you know they’re good candidates for your product or services and so are extremely likely to fill in the form and join your list.

A sort of “squeeze” presented right inside a link.

Or, you could present them with a special offer and an invitation to find out more.

Or, give them some informative “Learn More” content to make instructions or training easier to follow.

The plugin admin is pretty much self-explanatory and very easy to use. Here are some annotated screen shots of the admin panel.


Here’s Alert #2 in more detail.









-Frank Haywood

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Magic Sticky Ads Plugin

Update: The sale for the Magic Sticky Ads plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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Demo Site Here


The name comes from the style in which it presents your ads, they look just like the constantly changing stickies I seem to have peppered all over the wall next to my desk.



Set a custom image and the font styles.



Set your message and URL when clicked.



Add, remove and edit your ads.



Set the global options for ad display.



Override the global settings on individual posts and pages.



Set the cookie duration or disable during setup and test.



Here’s a quick bulleted list of the features.

o Developer licence (client / flipper).
o Create unlimited different sticky ads.
o 18 colourful sticky designs or upload your own images
o 6 different hand writing fonts for authentic looking stickies.
o Easy to use and self-explanatory interface.
o Global sticky display settings by home, pages, posts and category.
o Override on individual posts and pages.
o Add any text using the WYSIWYG editor.
o Set an optional URL for when ad clicked.
o Definable cookie length to control ad display.
o Optional CSS customisation for complete control.

You really can create cheerful, eye-grabbing ads with this plugin and I have a feeling it’s going to become one of my personal favourites.  🙂

-Frank Haywood

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