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THREE Magic Plugins

Update: The sale for ALL THREE Magic Plugins is now live at just $24.00.

Buy now


From 6.00pm GMT today and for the 48 hours following, I’ve reduced the prices of three of my nicest plugins – Magic Content Blocks, Magic (Google) Fonts, and Magic Social Blocks to $10 each, OR for the next two days, you can get all three for just $17.

You can click each of the links on the titles to view the original pages on this blog and also get to the individual “buy” buttons there.

Magic Content Blocks allows you create attractive pre-defined content such as ads which you can then add to your posts and pages with a click. You can then change wherever the ad on your site appears just by changing the ad content once and it then cascades across all usages. A real time saver.

Magic (Google) Fonts lets you add any of the 600+ Google web fonts to your pages and posts. There are also some pre-defined effects that you can select from to make them really stand out, such as a “dark glow”, “green shadow” or “emboss” effect, plus some others.

Finally, Magic Social Blocks makes it easy for you to add SEVEN different kinds of blocks to your blogs that are all able to display social network buttons plus a little bit more.

For each block there are three different styles to choose from, and you can edit fonts and text colour. You can create as many of each block as you need, all with different content inside. For every block you create, there are three layouts generated. One for insertion into posts and pages, one for widgetised areas (sidebars), and one thatโ€™s a slide-in popup that gets triggered when your visitor scrolls down the page. You can select which slide-in you want to use from the ones you create.

So there we have it, three cracking plugins normally at least $17 each, on sale for $17 for ALL of them and after 6.00pm GMT, the buy button will appear.

And if you only want one of them, I’ve dropped the price to $10 each and you can get to the buy button for each one on the links above.

All with full developer (client/flipper) licences.

Something for everybody here I think.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Frank Haywood

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Profit Builder Plugin and Theme Review

Continuing my recently started quest, what I’ve been looking for is a plugin or theme that will enable me to build modern looking sales pages and also while having a clean looking blog too.

Well, I received a couple of emails about a plugin and theme combo that I missed when it came out.

Profit Builder Plugin and Theme

What’s nice is that the creator (Sean) is doing a special at the moment and is only charging 67 CENTS more (!!!) for the developer licence which allows you to install it on UNLIMITED personal & client sites.

That’s what I call a good deal.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I particularly like about this theme and plugin set is that it comes with more than 60 pre-made layouts that you can select from to instantly build a page. This includes the “traditional” marketing pages you might need such as squeeze, sales and JV, but also has a pile of other layouts too.

All you then need to do is edit the colours and the content.

It also ticks the box for my requirement of a clean looking blog.

With a bit of a proviso…

At the moment the provided theme component forces you into publishing excerpts on the front page rather than the full content, so I’ve just written to the creator about that to get it changed to be an option.

I understand why he’s done it that way – it’s purely because of SEO – but at the moment I like to put the full content of my posts on the blog page.

I might change my mind about that, we’ll see, and at any rate, if I really want to I can just use the plugin component with another theme.

That’s because one of the on-page options is to use a full width blank page template, and that means you can use any theme and still get the benefit of the snazzy looking pages this can build.

Now that’s what I call joined-up thinking.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

It would be nice if that small part of the theme worked the way I wanted it to, but maybe I’m nit-picking over what is actually a very powerful plugin and theme combo.

That aside, I like this plugin so much I think I’m going to use it to launch a new product range and site. More on that when I’m ready.

It has a ton of really nice features and almost everything can be amended in either the plugin, theme or on-page settings.

There’s also some included extras like an exit redirect so you don’t need to install a separate plugin to do that.

The creator has really tried to think of everything and it’s clear he uses this himself.

Here are just some of the features – I had to create a video to show off some of the other stuff so you’d understand how it all ties together.

o Over 60+ pre-designed lead, sales and marketing layouts
– Opt-In Pages
– Social Gates
– About Me Pages
– Sales Pages
– Coming Soon Pages
– Local Marketing Pages
– Member Portals
– Review Pages
– JV Pages
– Webinar Pages
– Bonus Pages
– ECommerce Sites
– Launch Pages
– Upsell Pages
– Training Series

o Easy to use drag and drop marketing page builder
o The plugin component will work with any theme
o Included theme for search optimised usage
o Create and save your own layouts/templates
o Save all your theme settings to use on another site
o Full featured typography section for INDIVIDUAL elements
o Optional included exit redirect on pages
o Includes the Revolution slider plugin bundled with the theme
o A ton of other cool stuff…


I stumbled with some of the functionality as a) there’s so much of it, and b) it isn’t all totally clear until you get a feel for how it all works and ties together.ย  Hence the video above – I hope this helps you to get started quickly with the plugin.

You can get to the sales page here. There’s a 67 CENT developer special currently running, but I honestly don’t know how much longer this will stay in place, so don’t dilly-dally over this one.

Profit Builder Plugin and Theme

This is definitely one to pick up, and I suspect you might start using it for many of your sites.

-Frank Haywood

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