Month: November 2014

Support Desk Plugin

Update: The sale for the Support Desk plugin for WordPress is live at just $10.00 for a little while longer.

This plugin fully integrates with WordPress and gives it support desk capabilities.

It will then rise to $17.00, and then again to $47.

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This plugin will allow you to CHARGE for support via a 3rd party membership plugin.

As well as a support desk, you also get full knowledgebase and troubleshooter functionality.

o Support Tickets
o Full WP integration
o Knowledgebase (also includes categories)
o Simple Troubleshooters
o Knowledgebase, Categories and Troubleshooters in WP menus
o Editable emails
o Ticket filters and selection for support staff
o Multiple support desk staff
o User MUST be logged in to WP to submit ticket
o User can select the staff member (admins can change)
o User can upload multiple files to support ticket
o Tickets added and edited using WP built in TinyMCE editor
o and more…

One of the reasons behind this plugin is I’ve had several people ask me over the years if there was any way they could CHARGE for support.

It seems this is particularly important to many people, including consultants who charge by the hour and want to make sure money has changed hands before they do the work.

And the way you can do this is because this plugin is fully integrated with WordPress, it means you can opt to use a third party membership plugin to manage and charge your customers.

In other words you can make sure that only your genuine customers can get access to the support desk.

Not being able to charge for support has been a real frustration for many people, myself included.

Let me give you a really annoying (for me at least) example. Even more annoying is this happened a few times to me before I started checking up on who I was dealing with.

After spending easily a couple of hours of my own time puzzling over a problem someone had with one of my plugins and a certain theme, and then asking the programmer to make some changes which weren’t really necessary…

I updated and uploaded the plugin zip and told the guy who was having the problem to re-download it as it would solve it for him.

He came back to me and said he couldn’t as the page wasn’t there any more.

After a few questions, it turns out I was giving support to someone who had bought the plugin from someone else on another site – this wasn’t even a resale rights plugin I’d sold – it was one of my key products.

In other words, I was helping someone who was using a pirate copy.  🙄

For a while now, I’ve been checking to see if each person who raises a support ticket is a genuine customer of mine, and not some “randomer” as my children like to put it.

Unless I know the person well it can take a few minutes to track them down.


This issue has been niggling away at me for a long time, and I eventually decided to do something about it and so it’s culminated in this first version of the plugin.

More info including a video showing how it all works is to follow.


-Frank Haywood

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