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Creative Gizmos Replacement

Saturday 19th October.

For all the people who were in the Creative Gizmos membership, tomorrow I’m re-creating the principles behind it and opening a new membership. If you haven’t already been cancelled or done it yourself, then do so today.

If you missed it first time round, then the idea is you pay one small monthly fee and get everything I release.

This means at least two products per month but probably more than that as I release quite a lot of new stuff as well as running 48 hour sales on products I’ve already released.

These will be WordPress plugins, themes, scripts and training.

Don’t be surprised if one product per week gets added. 🙂

It’s a pretty good deal.

If you’re one of the people that buy everything I release (happily, quite a few!) then this will be a substantial saving for you.

If you’ve just purchased the Magic Social Blocks plugin at $10, then don’t despair as I’ll either add a discount coupon to your download page, or place a trial membership button on there that will reduce your payment for the first month to just $7.

I’ll also be adding some very nice goodies there for you to get right away so it’s not empty. You may have some of them already and I’ll have some new stuff too in the next few days.

As I have over 100 products in my “stable” already and as I’m quite good at product creation (!) this will be a great place to be a member.

I’m currently mulling over resale rights for some products too as I’ve been asked about this a few times and always been a little reticent about it, but I’ve seen the light. 😉

PLR products can be had of course at

Discounted down to just $17 / month for this weekend it’s one of the best deals I’ve ever done.

It’s such a good deal I would expect most people to join, but of course it’s up to you.

Watch out for an email tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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The IMPACT Of The Challenge…

I have a short 4 minute video I think is well worth watching, and will give you a chuckle too.  🙂

What’s it all about?

Last Saturday I was invited by my eldest son Jack to go to a graduation ceremony.

The Challenge Network

Over the summer he’s been taking part in something called The Challenge which (taken from their web site) is:-

“…an intense four part programme for 16 and 17 year olds delivered as part of the government’s National Citizen Service (NCS). The programme is comprised of physical and team challenges and social action projects.”

Hard work, weekends given up, and he loved it. (Met his new girlfriend too.)

The ceremony was to hand out certificates signed by David Cameron our current Prime Minister (he wasn’t there) so it’s something that was well worth doing. It will look good on his CV (resume) as while most people his age were hanging around street corners, he was getting some life experience and helping as part of a community project driven by his team.

Good stuff, and I’m pleased and yes a little bit proud of what he’s done.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, a local entrepreneur called Bob Battye (the kids love him) gave a short and very entertaining speech, and I filmed it. Bob has been part of The Challenge this year and has met all of them before and so had built up a good rapport with them.

Bob’s speech used the acronym IMPACT to map out some very good advice that works for all of us, not just the young men and women involved.

When he got to A, I’d already guessed it would stand for Action. (Yeah I’m a smarty pants.)

He illustrated the rewards that taking action gives you beautifully and I don’t mind saying I’m going to use this myself at some point.  🙂

If I hadn’t been filming the moment, I’d have been the first one on the stage. As it was I was left to sit urging Jack to get up and go, across the room where he sat with his group.

Wondering what I’m on about?

Watch the 4 minute video.  😉

If you have teenagers of 15 or 16 in the UK then maybe suggest it to them for next summer?

And… Listen to what Bob says about T – Trust. He’s spot on.

-Frank Haywood

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Magic Social Blocks

Update: The very nice Magic Social Blocks plugin is now live at just $10.00 .

Buy now


This plugin – Magic Social Blocks – makes it easy for you to add SEVEN different kinds of blocks to your blogs that are all able to display social network buttons plus a little bit more.  😉

Now when you think “social networking plugin”, then you’d have a certain image in your mind of what to expect – I think I’m right in saying that.

Well. This isn’t that.

Yes it’s centered around social networks, but you need to see it in action to understand it.

The seven different blocks you can now add with this plugin are:-

  • Image Block
  • Image Block With Link
  • Author Block
  • Email Block
  • Sales Block
  • Contact Details Block
  • Social Links List

For each block there are three different styles to choose from, and you can edit fonts and text colour. You can create as many of each block as you need, all with different content inside.

For every block you create, there are three layouts generated. One for insertion into posts and pages, one for widgetised areas (sidebars), and one that’s a slide-in popup that gets triggered when your visitor scrolls down the page.

You can select which slide-in you want to use from the ones you create.

It’s very cool and addresses something that I’m going to be doing her at my personal blog, and ties in very nicely with my plans.

(I’ve decided it’s time for a redesign and a change of tactic with my current blog layout and at some point I’ll show you what I’m doing on that front.)

As I’ve often said before, I get plugins built that address my own needs first and then let you have them too, and this pays for my developments costs. Sharing is cool isn’t it?  😉

So in the examples above, I can see for my own uses that it would be good to add an author block to my new posts when I redesign my blog so that people can see who I am and learn a little bit about me.

(This is important in order to gain people’s trust. If they trust you they will be far happier buying from you.)


As well as the video above, here’s a link to the demo page I created in that video.


-Frank Haywood

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Magic Content Blocks

Update: The sale for the time saving Magic Content Blocks plugin is live at just $10.00.

Buy now


It allows you to create standard content that you want to place in lots of posts and pages all over your blog.

(Link to test page used in the video above.)

So for example, let’s say you have a well performing ad that you like to insert into lots of posts and pages. (Or it might be an opt in form, or social media buttons, or a disclaimer, or a signature graphic, etc – any standard content.)

What you would do is create your ad using Magic Content Blocks and then you can insert this content block into your posts and pages as you create them.

You do this by selecting the block from a new drop-down selector in the TinyMCE editor which shows all the content blocks you’ve created.

The HUGE benefit of doing it like this is that if you have to change this standard content across your site (maybe you have a better ad, or you want to promote something else), then all you have to do is change your content block ONCE.

It will then cascade across ALL the posts and pages where you’ve used that content block across your entire site.

Isn’t that VERY cool and a massive time saver?

Also included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client / flipper) licence. When the sale is over that licence will be a separate purchase, so this is a great deal allowing you to install the plugin on client sites and on sites you intend to sell for profit.

-Frank Haywood

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Magic Shortcodes

Update: The sale for the Swiss army knife of plugins Magic Shortcodes for WordPress is now live and is currently $15.00. The price will rise in 24 hours to $17 and again 24 hours after that before closing, so why not snag it now at the lowest price? 🙂

Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

Buy now


Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m releasing a new plugin called Magic Shortcodes, and there’s no two ways about it, it’s a must-have. It does so much that I think a good description of it is that it’s like a Swiss army knife.

You just pull out the tool you want and use it.

It works by adding pre-made pre-defined shortcodes to your posts and pages. These shortcodes do different things such as adding Google maps, recent Tweets, and YouTube videos.

Plus a whole lot more. The available pre-set shortcodes are:-

  • Headline
  • Heading
  • Frame
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Spoilers
  • Service Box
  • Colour Box
  • Buttons
  • Quote
  • Pullquote
  • Simple Testimonial Box
  • Highlight
  • Labels
  • Fancy Links
  • Dropcaps
  • Colour Notes
  • Message box
  • Styled “Definition” List
  • Flexible Columns
  • YouTube Video Inserter
  • Google Maps
  • Recent Tweets

By that very long list I hope you can see why I’m thinking of it as an all-in-one tool. 😉

For many of the shortcodes you can choose different styles and colours too, so you’re not stuck with just one of each, there’s some flexibility built in there too.

It’s difficult to describe what all the shortcodes do but they’re easy enough to work out, so I created an overview video which shows you the kind of thing you can do with them.

The sale starts today 2nd October at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) at just $10 for the next 24 hours. Then the price starts to increase every 6 hours after that. This is your opportunity to get the Magic Shortcodes plugin today at the lowest price it will ever be.  🙂 [br][br]

-Frank Haywood

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