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2 for 1 Redirection Plugins

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m kicking off a 48 hour sale for two cracking little plugins.

Yes it’s a “twofer” (2 for 1) sale starting at just $10.

Special Offer Now LIVE!

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These plugins are so good that in fact I’m using them to automatically manage the start and end of this sale, that’s where my faith is in them.

So what do they do?

Between them they manage the run up to, start, and the end of sales promotions or any special events you might wish to run. And once set up they do it all automatically for you so you don’t have to worry about manually making your event live.

The first plugin is called Countdown Redirect and displays a countdown timer on your blog which you can fully style to suit your site using HTML. You can add a shortcode either to a page or post to display the timer and your message.

When the countdown reaches zero then the plugin automatically refreshes the page and then redirects the visitor to the target page of your special event.

But better than that…

There’s also a separate short code you can add to a sidebar – this one doesn’t trigger a redirect, it’s for info only. But you do get the option to show before and after HTML as well as the timer itself.

That means you can do clever stuff like show the timer, and then when it counts down you can show some other HTML such as a message and link to the page you want people to go to if they’re on the front of your blog.

And you can even use both widgets together. In fact that’s exactly what I’ve set up for this sale today.

The second plugin is called Post UnPublisher and it does what you would expect it to do given the name.

You know how WordPress will allow you to set a date and time for a post or page to be published? But what it won’t do is allow you to set a date and time to *unpublish* them? What a crazy omission by the WP development team.

Now there have been plenty of instances where I’ve had to manually remove or amend pages when the offer I was running there expired – it’s a pain.  And there have also been other circumstances where I’ve wanted to redirect visitors to another page explaining that the offer is closed rather than just see a 404 page.

So I had Post UnPublisher created that will do either of those automatically when the sale or event is over. (It works with pages too.)

You can choose a date and time to unpublish your post or page, and optionally a URL to redirect visitors to. If you don’t specify a URL, then the plugin will just show the standard WordPress 404 page.

Brilliant! (If you don’t mind me saying so.) And exceptionally useful too.

It makes an ideal complement to 60 Second Sales Pages and the Page Template Plugin and gives you an extra level of control.

The 2-for-1 sale starts at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and will last until the early hours of Friday morning.

Both plugins are just $10 for the pair and they will only be sold individually after the sale is over.

If you’re on this page when the sale starts then you’ll see the countdown timers hit zero and you’ll get redirected to the sales page. Pretty cool eh?

Just make sure you’re here right before 6.00pm GMT and you’ll see what happens when it kicks off.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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Theme Sale XD01

Offer Closed


The ThemesXD XD01 theme is now available again shortly for $12.50. This sale price will end early on Thursday morning 24th January.

This theme includes a home page that’s perfect for showing off a product or service and includes an image slider with 12 different transitions, several text areas that can be modified and even a simple pricing comparison table. Most of these areas can be turned on or off.

Features are:-

  • 7 built in colour schemes
  • Optional colour scheme editing of the background, font and links
  • 5 slides on the home page slideshow
  • 12 selectable slideshow transition effects
  • Built in editable optional pricing table 3×6
  • 2 “quote” areas, top and bottom
  • 6 content boxes area 1
  • 3 content boxes area 2
  • A “get in touch” settings panel
  • Editable footer content
  • Rich HTML editor in many panels
  • Social networking settings (Facebook, Twitter, G+)

I’m also including a developer (client/flipper) licence with the theme.

This means you can use the theme on all your own sites, plus client sites, plus use it to develop a site out with an intention to flip it for profit.  Cool eh?

See the annotated screen shot of the home page below. Underneath are a couple of screen shots of the pricing table which can be turned on and off.


The admin panel showing the pricing table.


What the pricing table looks like on the front of your blog.


And finally a short video I recorded last year showing off the admin panel and features.

And if you want to see the theme on a live site, then go here.

Grab it now at the best price.

Offer Closed


-Frank Haywood

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New Theme XD06

Offer Closed


Starting on Sunday 13th January at 2.00pm GMT (9.00am EST) I’m releasing theme XD06 at an introductory $10.

The theme includes a home page that is ideal for creating a show case for a service or product (or set of products) and allows you to display a slideshow of either images or videos. Each slide is easily editable and comes with a WYSIWYG editor, plus you can easily change the button text and URLs.

Here’s an annotated screen shot of the home page.

And here’s a video showing how easy it is to change various aspects of the home page in the admin panel.

By selecting different options in the admin panel, you can change:-

o Theme colours (7 included).
o Logo or logo text.
o Favicon.
o Quote boxes (WYSIWYG editor on the top quote).
o Home box content (4 boxes plus WYSIWYG editor).
o Home box content (3 box plus WYSIWYG editor).
o Enable/disable Home boxes.
o “Get in touch” (Contact) details, including movable special widget.
o Footer text.
o Social Networking buttons integrated – FaceBook, Twitter, Google+.

In addition you can:-

o Add tracking (analytics) code.
o Add up to five slides either images or videos.
o Change background, font, link and hover colours (colour pickers).
o Add and move the special “Get In Touch” widget.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s perfect for showing off a product or service and gives you all the flexibility you need to introduce people to either.

In other words with a little effort you get the power to make it look like a theme that’s been custom designed for your business.

You can get the theme starting at just $10 if you’re one of the first 50 buyers, then the price rises like this:-

1-50 – $10.00
51-75 – $12.50
76-100 – $15.00
100+ – $17.00 until sale end.

The theme will then be officially released at a more realistic $27.00 when the sale is over.

The sale starts Sunday 13th at 2.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST). If you’re on the mailing list I’ll send you an email when it begins.

-Frank Haywood

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Make A Suggestion, Get a Web Site

On Wednesday 9th January Amin Motin (a fellow Brit) and I are going to build a niche web site powered by WordPress and we’re going to broadcast it live online via Google Hangouts.

Then we’re going to give it away.

While I build the site, Amin is going to create the content and we’re aiming to do the whole thing in a couple of hours.

It’s an experiment.

What we need though is a suggestion from you as to what the web site should be about. Amin has already had a couple of suggestions in the health niche, but the site can be about anything really. (If we don’t get any further suggestions then the likelihood is it will be in the health niche as that’s Amins field of expertise.)

We have no idea if we can do this or if we’ll fall flat on our faces with it – which is a distinct possibility. Having said that I’m sure I’d quite like my own web site built for me if someone was offering to do it and all I needed to do was make a suggestion about the topic.

Like I said, it’s an experiment.

But what we WILL end up with is a new WordPress driven niche site and it could be yours.

If you want to stand a chance of getting it, all you need to do is put forward your suggestion as to what the site could be about. There are no “wrong answers”, the site could be about anything at all, but we’ll make the final decision about the topic.

If you’re unsure about how to go about this whole process, then this is a golden opportunity for you to find out how it’s done from beginning to end and our hope is we’ll leave nothing out.

Why are we doing this?

Simple. It’s because we’re about to start several levels of coaching and we want to show you what we can do.

We know that we can take a complete newbie and eventually turn them into a confident online entrepreneur. But we know that before anyone will consider this, we need to show that we can do what we can do.

This little exercise should prove that, and we intend to later provide the video in return for signing up to our mailing list. (You could do something like this too.)


Now leave your suggestion, I’m sure you’ll have at least one.  🙄

-Frank Haywood

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