Month: November 2012

Share Your Purchase Plugin

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We’ve been busy creating a new plugin based on something Amazon does after you’ve made a purchase. I only noticed this about 3 weeks ago when buying a new Kindle Fire HD (I love it).

Amazon are damn clever at getting customers to do things like buy additional items and make reviews, and they employ some really smart marketing people and programmers to come with these ideas.

Right after you’ve completed your order they show you a little box where you can (in their words) “Share your purchase” by either Facebook, Twitter or email.

My wife and I saw it and we both said “THAT is BRILLIANT!” 😉

I shared my purchase on Facebook and got a comment from a friend about it very quickly. Marketing job for Amazon done and it didn’t cost them a penny. This works really well and you’re going to start seeing it on my own download pages very soon.

Just think about it.

Your customer is hot and pleased with their purchase, and now they want to show off at how they’ve got something new and very cool. While they’re feeling like that you give them the perfect channel to do it.

So that’s what we’ve been working on – a WP version of that “Share” box – and we’ve gone a little bit further.

With our new plugin you can optionally add tabs for Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and email. And it comes with a nice selection of colour schemes too.

It’s still being finalised and then there’s some test to do, but I think I’ll have it out by this time next week if not before.

You can leave a comment or ask questions below. 😉

-Frank Haywood

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