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Content Spinner Plugin – Your Own Service

Update: The Content Spinner service plugin is now available at just $17.00.

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On Tuesday 28th at 6.00pm I’m releasing a new plugin that I had built for members of (it’s July’s PLR product). But I thought that it would appeal to you too, so I’m running a 24 hour sale for it at just $10.

What it does is allow you to run a content spinning service on your blog. You can use then use this to spin your own content, use it as a service for members (paid or free), promote it as a free service or… however you like really.

The $10 version isn’t for resale or rebranding (only members can do that), but you can still use this version I’m releasing tomorrow in the way I described in the previous paragraph.

The spinner plugin accepts standard spun format articles and fully supports nesting of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. The user of the article spinner can paste their spun format article into the article box using the conventional spinner format of curly braces with a vertical bar separating the variants.  { | }

If you’ve never created a spun format article before, then here’s a very simple example using a single sentence:-

The {{cat|dog|mouse}|horse} sat {on the mat|by the door|on the table}.

Would generate (amongst others) the following spun sentences:-

The horse sat on the table.
The horse sat on the mat.
The horse sat by the door.
The cat sat on the mat.
The mouse sat on the table.

Note that in the above example output the word “horse” crops up more than the other animals because of the nested cat/dog/mouse variable – it’s always 50-50 as to whether the spinner selects “cat”/”dog”/”mouse” OR “horse”.

You’ve probably realised by now that if you take care when constructing your spun format article then you’ll end up with perfectly formed sentences that make complete sense and have no gobbledygook in them. Just remember the golden rule of GIGO “garbage in – garbage out” and  you won’t go wrong.

With larger article content and multiple choices of words, phrases and sentences making up your article, you’ll end up with hundreds or thousands of different articles depending on the amount of choice (ie work) you put into it. It’s *still* a lot faster than writing all the articles individually.

And as I said above, once you’ve installed this on your blog, you can use it for yourself or invite other people to use it too.

Here’s where it gets *really* interesting…

If you share the spinner page and you check a box in the admin settings, then both the original spun format article plus all the generated output variants will be saved for your own perusal and use. Place a proviso in your terms of service that you reserve the right to use one of the output articles yourself if you like.

Now I’m not saying you *have* to use it like that, but the option is there if you want to use it.


The 24-hour $10 sale starts Tuesday 28th at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

-Frank Haywood

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Outsourcing Course

My Response To Comments Video

You may wish to switch to 720p and full screen to watch this video once it starts.


I’ve been considering doing a course on outsourcing for a while now as I’ve been at it (outsourcing) for getting on for at least 2 and a half years now so I’ve made just about every mistake possible.

I hope.

In case you didn’t know I currently do all my outsourcing to the Philippines, but I’ve been thinking of testing out India too as there are far more people live there (!) and so it’s more likely that I’ll find the staff I need. Logical?

Outsourcing to the Philippines is certainly not a bed of roses, but I do find it a lot easier now I’ve come to terms with a few things.  What I’ve learned isn’t in any books or courses I’ve ever read or taken which only seem to focus on the upbeat and positive side of it all.

Of course, life isn’t like that so I admit I’ve been a bit naive (I’m being kind to myself here) and believed what I was told because I’m like that. My expectations are that I’m being told the truth and not what I want to hear – I know that’s not always what we get, but I choose to extend trust until proven otherwise.

I prefer to be told the truth rather than how things can be when it’s all going great. If I know all the facts then I can make good decisions, and I now believe I’ve made some bad ones because I trusted what I was being told was correct. Experience changes all that and I now know that what I was taught wasn’t actually the way it is.


I’m thinking of doing my course on outsourcing from the perspective of what you really need to be careful about to avoid having time wasting staff suck the life out of your working day.

In other words I can now fairly accurately spot someone who is going to waste my time, and I believe I can teach you that too.

Once you get past that group of people then outsourcing can be both enjoyable and productive.

I will make this course if I get enough interest in it.

So let’s say if I get 20 comments (not counting my own) on this blog post then I’ll go ahead and make the course. Everyone who comments will get in for free and everybody else will pay.

Sound fair?

-Frank Haywood

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Misleading Amazon Product Reviews

I don’t quite know how I ever missed this.  Amazon are lumping together product reviews for completely different products.  This renders the Amazon product reviews TOTALLY USELESS.

I noticed this while looking for a replacement monitor/TV for one of my sons and ended up here:-

Some of the reviews were saying one thing and others were saying the exact opposite. I couldn’t understand how the quality of the product could be so bad and so good at the same time.

THEN I noticed that there’s a link underneath the heading of each review that says it’s actually for a different product. In all the time I’ve used Amazon, I’ve never spotted that before, and someone had replied to a poor review of a 32″ screen with a comment saying something along the lines of “it’s only £79 for a 16 inch what do you expect?”

Total confusion is inevitable if everyone is talking about different products…

For the actual screen I was looking at there are TWO real reviews of the LED19913HDR not 53.

Shame on you Amazon.

-Frank Haywood

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