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Slide Out Tabs Pre-launch Sale

Offer Closed


I had a customer request for this plugin and I thought it was such a cracking idea that I just had to go get it done.

And like all the better ideas, what started out as a fairly small plugin has turned into something much bigger and fuller featured and I hope you’ll have your socks blown off by this plugin just as hard as mine were.  😉

Here’s a short video overview or you can just carry on reading.

Update: The video is now out of date as we changed the interface but it’s still very representative of the plugin.

The concept is a simple one and as far as I can see it’s been poorly done up to now.

The original request was for a plugin which added a set of 3 slim tabs to the right and left of the page which stayed in place when the page was scrolled up and down, but when hovered over would slide out onto the page.

The slide out would contain the content (HTML), and it could be a video, a sign up box, or anything you like, menus, images, whatever.

That was the ORIGINAL request.

We took it all a bit farther than that.  😉

I decided that rather than just supply a content box in the admin panel where you could paste some HTML… that we’d hook it all into the WP widgetised areas system instead.

What does that mean?

It means that when you create a new tab in the admin panel (unlimited – create as many as you think will fit), it also creates a new widgetised area (sidebar) for the slide-out.

Wow…  😉

Any widgets you drop into the newly created widgetised area get inserted into the slide-out just as if it were a sidebar.

This means you can insert HTML via a text widget, a menu, a sign up box, in fact ANYTHING you have a widget for, you can now insert into the slide-out.

I hope you can see how powerful that makes this plugin.

In theory at least, you could use a theme without a sidebar on the home page and instead use slide-out tabs.

When creating this I also realised that you might not want to put all the tabs on every page, and that you might even want to put different tabs on different pages, or even none at all.


We used the same method that Ads Manager uses of the built in developer system in WordPress called Conditional Tags, and we bent it to our will.

If you’ve never used the Conditional Tags system, then you’re in for a real treat as it gives you total flexibility in setting up rules for things to trigger based on whereabouts on a blog you are.

Built into the Conditional Tags system are rules that allow you to choose which post(s) or page(s) you want the tabs to appear on. Or if it’s the home page. Or the categories page, or the tags page. There are a massive amount of rules and you can also use negatives of those rules too.

So you can say “not on the home page” or “not on these posts” and so on.

This means you can stack tabs in the same position on a page, but show different tabs depending on where the visitor is reading your blog.

To put that another way, you might have 2 tabs on the left that are 100 pixels down and the same height. Normally one would overlay and obscure the other, but you can set the rules to say that one tab appears on the home page and the other tab appears on every post, but not on any pages.

Is that totally COOL or what? 🙄

I’m releasing the Slide Out Tabs plugin over this weekend starting at just $10, and I’ll drop you a line a few hours before I’m ready. It comes with personal use rights and also developer rights so you can install on client blogs. If enough people ask I’ll also consider releasing a blog flipper licence for an additional fee.


In the meantime, I’d also like to remind you that the sale for Instant Graphics Injection ends on Monday but you can currently get this massive pack for just $10 here.

-Frank Haywood

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Clone and Backup Last Chance Sale

Offer Closed


Today I’m running the last chance sale for the very popular Clone and Backup plugin.

We’ve been very busy here prepping the Plugin’ Great site for its official opening (at long last).  We’ve been adding some of the key plugins to the site (many pages unpublished at the moment), and I realised it would probably be appreciated by many people that I run a final sale for Clone and Backup before adding it to the site.

I first released this plugin in January last year at v1 and it’s gone through several changes and bugfixes until we finally have v2.  If you purchased it before now, just go back to your personal download page and get the new version as there’s no upgrade fee for early buyers.  I decided to do that because we had quite a few problems with the first few versions and different server configs.

We think we made the right compromise of reliability over speed, and I haven’t seen any problems since we did that.

What does the plugin do?

It will clone or backup (to a zip file) your WordPress blog and optionally it will include non-WordPress files too.


The clone function allows you to specify another domain on another server (target) and it will FTP your entire source blog to that domain and install WordPress for you. All the menu permalinks are auto-adjusted to the target domain so that they don’t point back to the source.

This means that if you’re in the habit of installing lots of WordPress blogs (like we do), you can create a standard source blog with all your favourite themes and plugins installed and activated, and clone the entire thing to another domain. You then have a really good starting point to set the site up the way you want it.

Or you can just use it to backup your existing blog to a zip file and download it.

Or for speed, you can specify the FTP details for a backup server on the settings page.


You then just check a box and click the “Process Now” button, and the blog is zipped up and sent to your backup server.

Or you can even do all of the above at the same time. It’s pretty cool.


You’ve probably seen plugins like this priced at $47 to $97 (it’s hard to get this kind of functionality right and the prices reflect it), but today you can pick up Clone and Backup in this final 25-copies-only sale at just $17.

When this sale is done, the plugin will appear on the Plugin’ Great site at its regular (much higher) price on its own web site, so this is your last chance to get what I think must be the bargain of the year. 😉

-Frank Haywood

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Multiple Streams Theme Six

Offer Closed


This weeks weekend sale is for Multiple Streams Theme SIX (plus THREE plugins).

It’s lovely.

At 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today the sale for MST006 for WordPress goes live at just $10 for the first 25 people to grab it.

When I first released this theme, Mike said about it:-

“I build websites and am always on the lookout for good themes… and this one is the business. Good themes are quite difficult to find since the free ones tend to look crap and the premium ones are overpriced. MST is great on the eye and also its excellent value for money. Definitely recommended!”

As usual we’ve added a pile of cool stuff to this bundle, including the Affiliate Ticker, Ads Manager and Redirection plugins.

As for the theme itself, first we’ve included TWELVE sidebars for top, side and footer areas of your site.

These sidebars can be used to place regular WP widgets, or your ads using the latest version of the supplied Ads Manager plugin.

And apart from the beautiful and well thought out design, the theme itself includes the following WordPress 3.x features.

o Custom Headers
o Custom Backgrounds including colour picker
o Custom Menus

And…  We’ve also included a set of options with this theme.

Just go to “Appearance >> MST Options” and there you’ll see you can do things like globally hide or display sections of your site just by checking and unchecking boxes.

So you have global control of the header, top boxes, and top and bottom ads.  This is very useful when you’re building a site and trying to decide which appearance you want it all to have.

On the options page, you can also easily add footer text such as a footer menu and copyright content, and also any site analytics code in the footer if you don’t already own the Scripts Manager plugin.

You can even change the appearance of your blog posts as we’ve included an alternative “single.php” file which is the bit of code responsible for displaying single blog posts.  Just swap the original one out and replace it with the alternative to alter the look and feel of your blog posts.

Next up is the appearance of pages.  We’ve included 3 page templates rather than just the one that most themes supply.

#1 – Default Template.
#2 – One column page, no sidebar.
#3 – One column page, no sidebar, no three top boxes.

So now when you create a new page on your site, you can decide which of the above formats (on a case by case basis) you want it to appear as.

Finally (?) we’ve included blank PNGs and JPEGs of all the ad graphics, banners and header used in the theme, as well as Adobe Photoshop PSDs.

This means that if you don’t have Adobe PhotoShop, you can still use the blanks and a free program like The GIMP or a web app like to edit the banners etc to your own needs.

I hope you’ll think this carefully thought out bundle is well worth the discounted price I’m offering for the first people to purchase today.

Ah! Nearly forgot.  It comes with a developer licence too, so you can use it for client sites or for blog flipping. 🙂

The pricing will work like this…

  1-25 = $10.00
 25-50 = $15.00
50-100 = $20.00
100+   = $27.00

Offering these low prices to you is my way of saying thank you for being a subscriber.

The sale starts today Friday 11th May at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), with the first 25 copies at just $10.00.

I’ll drop you a line when it starts or you can just keep an eye on this blog post for an update.

Here’s a link to a demo of the theme:-

-Frank Haywood

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TEN Pack of Squeeze Templates

Offer Closed


Last Wednesday I released five very cool sales pages for the Page Template Plugin (offer now closed), and today I’m releasing 10 brand new SQUEEZE page templates for the plugin.

The price is just $10 for all TEN ($1 each!) and is good for the next 48 hours, then they all get a price of $7 apiece.  That’s a saving of sixty-three dollars.

Please don’t miss this one, once the site and affiliate scheme is live then there will be plenty of affiliates sending in traffic and this deal will be gone forever.

At just $1 each today, I don’t believe there’s any good reason not to get them while you can.

This is just one of the ways of me saying thank you for being a subscriber.  I know there are plenty of marketers out there who would be charging a LOT more than I’ve ever asked from any of my subscribers.

The sale goes live today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and is good for 48 hours from then and then it’s over.

I mean it.  😉

I know these templates are very popular and that’s why I’ve put together this sale – I’ve had lots of people ask me where are the new squeeze pages, and this sale is my response.

You’re welcome.

I’ll drop you a line later today when it starts, but in the meantime you can see 60% screenshots of the templates on the links below, or you can just click off to the Page Template Plugin site and look at the Examples drop-down for Squeeze Pages.

six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen

-Frank Haywood

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MORE Templates for the Page Template Plugin

Offer Closed


Don’t miss this one.

We’ve all been busy here at this end prepping a big pile of sales and squeeze page templates to work with the latest version of the Page Template Plugin (PTP).  We’re almost done and another few days and they should all be up to date.

In case you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, the PTP allows you to select a page design that’s completely different in appearance to the rest of your blog.  The sales page templates are probably the most flexible as you can use them not just for sales pages, but as designs you can use to highlight special offers on products you may be promoting as an affiliate.

By default WordPress doesn’t allow you to do that, but that’s something the PTP fixes.

As we complete the conversions we’ll add more and more to the PTP web site – there’s a nice selection of examples on there already.

Then when we’re ready and we make the site live, then each individual template will cost a very reasonable $7 apiece.  You can pick and choose and at that price it won’t hurt anybody’s pocket.

But before I do that, I’m releasing some bundle packs of five templates at a time for just $10 total per pack which is a substantial saving over the full price of the individual templates and will give you that extra bit of choice when you want to add some unique looking pages to your blogs.

The first sale of these additional templates starts today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) for just $10 and for just 48 hours.

The templates themselves are being converted right now and will be available later today, but you can see 60% screenshot images of each of the templates on offer below.

one two three four five

-Frank Haywood

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