Month: March 2012

AddToAny Killed My Site

…and I’m glad it did.

I found a totally blank screen when trying to view this blog 30 minutes ago, so I did CTRL-U in FireFox and straight away saw that the screen stopped being drawn when it reached the AddToAny section of the page.  I disabled the plugin and my blog was back.

Then I did a little digging.

It turns out that in January 2012 AddToAny implemented tracking code into their plugin for marketing companies (media6degrees and Lockerz) and I didn’t know because they didn’t tell anyone.

Because my blog failed today (maybe the AddToAny tracking server went down), I did the research and I found out what was going on.  AddToAny is now gone from all my blogs never to return.

How many blog owners are still using this, totally oblivious to the fact their visitors are being tracked by marketing companies?  Well maybe a lot less after today if they spotted their blog dead and followed the same path I did.

Consider yourself warned.

-Frank Haywood

P.S.  I have a feeling this may be illegal under EU law.  Maybe someone who knows more about this than me can comment?

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20 Minutes A Day…

I just saw this, got excited and thought of you…  😉

Here’s the story.

My eldest lad is almost 15 and is now getting interested in what he’s going to do with his future (apart from girls).

He’s quite passionate about the path he’s choosing and he’s been asking advice from me on how to approach it, and of course I’ve told him I’d help and get involved.  He doesn’t want to work for someone else – he wants to run his own business.

More on that another time.

Anyway…  I’ve been keeping an eye out, and while chatting with an online friend about this, he told me he thought he knew exactly what would help and recommended it to me as being a great process whether you’re just getting started or been round the block a few times.

I bought a copy (which I’ve just finished reading through) and I totally agree with him.  It actually ties in with some of what I already do and in fact I think this is a much better way of approaching it.  It’s a really good process and is perfect for what my eldest needs to give him some direction.

But it isn’t just perfect for my teenage son, this is perfect for you and me too.

I recommend you go grab a copy – at only $9 it’s worth every penny and it’s had excellent reviews.  I also have to say I really like the two guys behind this, they clearly know their stuff.

The only warning I’ll give you is that it does require some effort on your part – you don’t get something for nothing – they reckon about 20 minutes a day after the initial set up.  It’s EASY work once you get into the routine and it’s enjoyable too.

And the rewards for that effort are handsome if you follow their plan.

Go get your copy, read through it and then tell me I’m right.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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