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Christmas Sales Page Plugin…

Update: The sale for this plugin and template pack is now live at $10 for the first 100 copies and you can purchase using the button below.

ALL GONE at $10, now at $17.

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Update: I’ve just created this short(ish) video to show you how the plugin works with the Christmas sales page templates.

[mc id=”1078″ type=”video”]WordPress Page Templates Early tour[/mc]


I know I’ve been quiet this last week, and that’s because I’ve been working with two of my staff to create something REALLY special.

It’s something that WordPress should have as part of its core, but doesn’t.

And we think what we’ve done is revolutionary.

Bear with me while I explain. Trust me, you’re going to have one of those “aha moments” really soon… 😉

First a bit of background.

One of my hugely popular products can be found at:-

The product explains how you can turn any sales page into a WordPress page template, and it’s pretty good (ahem). It took me two years to discover how to do it (by accident) and it will take you just a few minutes to learn how to do it too.

(By the way I’ve dropped the price from $27 to $10 for a few days, so if you don’t already have it, now would be a good time to get it. It says $27 on the sales page, but when you click the order button you’ll see it’s $10 when you get to PayPal.)

From feedback about that product, I realised that what people REALLY wanted was a nice easy way to add pre-done sales pages to WordPress.

i.e. Someone supplies great looking sales pages, and there’s a simple way to add them to WordPress.

And there’s the problem.

You see there’s no simple way of adding page templates to WordPress that interact with it properly. Even my very popular method works outside the WordPress “loop”…

Think about how page templates work now.

You activate a theme, and you find there’s only one page template. Two if you’re lucky.

And even though I’ve been changing that with the Multiple Streams Themes (MST) and adding a variety of page templates to give you more control over the look and feel of your blog – it’s not an ideal way to do it.

Think about it.

You set up great looking and unique pages on your blog, decide to change / update your theme, and suddenly all your pages default back to the one standard page template supplied with the new theme. (The laughable thing is, it happened to me today.)

All that gorgeousness lost in an instant.

Until now…

I’ve had one of my plugin developers and my graphics guru working together to come up with both an end-user PLUGIN and developer/designer methodology for creating “sticky” page templates.

So when you change themes, your custom designed pages remain UNCHANGED.

And here it is, that moment I promised you earlier…


Even better is I’m releasing the plugin and methodology for free. 🙂

But…  Don’t get the wrong end of the stick and please don’t get confused about what this plugin does.  And I’ll explain in a bit more detail.

It allows graphics designers and developers to create specially formatted page templates.

These special page templates then work hand in hand with the plugin which adds easy to use option fields where you can add detail like pre-header, header, autoresponder sign up code etc, just by entering the data into boxes on the page editor.

You then add your body page content as normal using the HTML or visual editor, select one of these special page templates and publish your page.

When you view the page on the front of your blog, it looks completely different to the design on the rest of your blog.

If you decide you don’t like the design or it’s not appropriate for the content, you just select another one and update the page – there’s no need to change any of the content or other fields.

The page on the front of your blog changes appearance when you refresh. 🙂

And because it’s a plugin working outside the active WP theme, it doesn’t matter if you change or update your theme.

Your pages will still look the same as the day you published them.


We think it will revolutionise the way that page templates are created using WordPress, and that more people will be inclined to use WordPress as a sales and promotional platform.

Yep, we believe that by doing this we’ve opened up WordPress to a market that’s always been there, but has never had the right tool to do the job.


So when and what am I going to distribute?

Tomorrow, Wednesday 1st December, I’ll be releasing this new plugin together with a 5 pack of sales page templates in jolly old Christmas designs – snowmen, holly, Christmas trees, etc.

All 5 of the designs will be supplied in both standard HTML and the new WP Page Template plugin format.

The plugin is free and always will be, the 5 pack of templates will be $10 for the first 100 buyersnow $17 – and then the price goes up – this is a special subscribers only price.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to waste any time hanging around with this one.

Here are 60% original size screenshots of the designs.  OneTwoThreeFourFive.

The sale will open tomorrow at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), and I’ll drop you a line about 3-4 hours beforehand to remind you.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. members will receive their second months product (December) tomorrow, so also watch out for an announcement about that.

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Private Comments Available Today

Update: The Private Comments plugin sale is now LIVE and you can purchase a discounted licence for the plugin by clicking the button below. There are 50 copies available at just $7 and the plugin itself will be updated shortly with some additional features. 🙂

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This is a quick reminder that just 50 copies of the Private Comments plugin will be released at 5.00pm GMT (12.00 midday EST) for only $7 and it’s a case of first come, first served.

Now as I write this, my developer is testing out some additions to the plugin that I’ve asked for.

IF she doesn’t think she can get these changes in, then I’m not going to hold up the sale, as when I do that I get told off.

It’s true.

In the past when I’ve delayed a sale for any reason, I’ve always had complaints that people can’t now make the new time and that I shouldn’t have changed it.

So “come hell or high water” I’m going to release the 50 licences at 5.00pm GMT today.

IF the changes aren’t done and tested by that time, it will turn into a PRE-ORDER SALE and when the changes are done (probably tomorrow) I’ll update your download page with the plugin.



The Private Comments plugin sale is now LIVE and you can purchase a discounted licence for the plugin by clicking the button below. There are 50 copies available at just $7 and the plugin itself will be updated shortly with some additional features. 🙂

Buy now

-Frank Haywood

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Private Comments Plugin

Update: Sale starts today, Friday 19th at 5.00pm GMT (12 noon EST).


Tomorrow I’m going to release 50 copies of my new plugin called Private Comments, and it’s something I’ve wanted myself for ages.

It allows you (as admin) or a visitor to your blog to add a private comment that isn’t seen by the rest of the world, allowing you to hold a private discussion with someone.

This is incredibly useful.

From my own perspective, I sometimes get a comment on my blog that really shouldn’t be published, and that I’d like to reply to there and then.

I’ve found it quite frustrating not being able reply directly to a visitor so they can see what I have to say to them and not involve everyone else.  You’ve probably had the exact same issue.

The only way round this is either to use email when I often don’t want to give the person my email address (and that’s not always guaranteed to get through spam filters), or to edit the comment they made and leave it unpublished, but that’s not always noticeable, and it just doesn’t seem to be a good way of doing it.

The visitor can’t then reply without creating a new comment and it all starts to get a bit messy.

The upshot is, we don’t always want everyone to see the content of a discussion do we?

This plugin solves the problem.

It allows you or the visitor to mark the comment as private.  Now only you as the site admin and your visitor can see the tic-tac of back and forwards conversation.

And as a little nice bonus, we’ve built in comment threading (nesting) for those themes that don’t support it.  This means you can reply to a comment and the plugin will keep it all cleanly organised and directly underneath the original comment.

(There’s a teensy problem with some old WP2.x themes, more on that in a moment.)

The Private Comments plugin does this without requiring your visitors to register on the blog.  Instead, it uses the cookie that WordPress normally drops on your visitors browser allowing them to see their comments, and now of course, yours too.

Think of it as being like the blog equivalent of a PM (Private Message) on a forum, but where registration isn’t required in order to keep it private.

(And we’re also planning on making it more robust for those people who do register.)

Apart from the obvious use discussed above, I also realised that this plugin could be used for some other things too, such as client discussions, and even a simple support desk.  😉

Now then…

At the moment, the only downside to this plugin is that it seems to have problems with some (not all) old WP2.x themes, and it doesn’t do the comment threading (nesting) properly or at all.

But don’t worry as the developer is looking at this to see if it can’t be fixed or worked around, and when it’s solved we’ll release a new version.  (Who knows, she might get it done by tomorrow.)

The good news is, every WP3.x theme we’ve tried it on seems to work perfectly.

Tomorrow (Friday 19th) at 5.00pm GMT (12.00 midday EST) I’m making available 50 copies in a pre-launch sale at a bargain basement discount price.  First come first served, and when they’re all gone that’s it, the price goes up.

Okay?  🙂

I’ll drop you a line tomorrow with details of the sale.

-Frank Haywood

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48 Hour AdSpurt Special (Re-Launch)

Update: This offer is now CLOSED.


One of the BEST products I’ve ever released is a script called AdSpurt, and today and tomorrow I’m running a $20 special for it plus another bonus script thrown in for good measure.

AdSpurt is designed to allow you to quietly monetise any kind of site via ClickBank and PayDotCom ads.

I would always recommend monetisation by affiliate program over something like Google AdSense, even though AdSense seems to be the choice of many. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Just because lots of other people do something doesn’t mean it’s right – it usually means they haven’t given it much thought.)

I tested it for 3 months before release and proved to my satisfaction that this type of ad receives 6 times more clicks than other ads.

And while AdSpurt is quite a sophisticated program, it’s also been designed to be very easy to use.

As an example, if you have a niche autoblog on a particular topic, you choose your keywords, choose your ClickBank or PayDotCom ad and save.

Then whenever any of your selected keywords are used, AdSpurt will automatically turn them into either a DHTML hover ad (double underlined links), or a regular link using your affiliate details.

And because there’s a LOT of thought gone into this script to get it just right, we made sure your affiliate links are cloaked and look like direct links to the target site or page. We’ve done this by using javascript to generate the links AFTER the page has been drawn. 😉

i.e. A visitor arrives at your site, the page gets drawn in their browser, and then javascript we’ve written reads all the text on the page and then adds the links in afterwards.

Is that cool or what? 😉

Since we released it, there’s never been a similar program released by anyone else, and I personally think that’s because it would be a gargantuan task by any developer to duplicate it.

It actually took us 18 months to get right.

We packed all sorts of cool features into this script, from faster, BETTER search of the ClickBank database than even ClickBank do (check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me), to Flash driven graphs generated from your click through stats.

AdSpurt normally sells for $47, but as I’m about to do a redesign and relaunch of the web site, I’m doing a subscribers only 48 hour special for just $20.

And to sweeten the deal, I’m also going to include a copy of the Instant Survey Script (ISS) for free (normally $27) for exactly the same reasons as AdSpurt.

Using ISS you can quickly and easily create surveys and find out exactly what it is your visitors are interested in.

This two for (less than the price of) one deal at just $20 for both scripts is running for 48 hours or until I hit 100 sales, and you can grab it at the $20 price on the link below.


Update: This offer is now CLOSED.

-Frank Haywood

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Three Updates

#1 – Affiliate Link Plugin

We’ve just completed testing a bug fix for the Affiliate Link plugin, where we’ve now amended the method of hiding the destination page so that it appears as if it’s part of your own blog rather than a page on another site.  We’ve done this by moving from an iframe to a regular frame (and changing a couple of other under the hood things), and it seems to work perfectly.

If you have this plugin, go back to your personal download page and get the latest version there.  Just unzip and FTP it to your website overwriting the plugin files that are already there, and you’re done.

Your cloaked links should now work perfectly.

#2 – Script Manager Plugin


I kicked off the sale last Friday and decided to take a couple of days away from it all.  When I looked again, I realised that the domain expired on Saturday…  (It was on my todo list to renew it, and I missed it.)

I’m really sorry about that, I quickly reactivated the domain so you can now go back to the download link that would have come with your email and finally download it if you haven’t already done so.

AND… if you need it you can get support from the support desk on the site too.

Egg on my face…

#3 – PL Ahh

Dirk W (hi Dirk) came up with a great idea for Decembers software PLR product, and Eric (one of my WordPress plugin developers) has been busy working on it.  It’s such a good idea I’ve been tempted to keep it all for myself, but I told Dirk I’d release it with PLR so we’ll stick to the plan.

If you’re a member of PL Ahh, you’ll be thrilled with it, and I know there’s more than a few members that will make a lot of money from it by selling it, far more than I’ll be making by supplying PLR to the membership.  😉

The plugin itself is internally called Affiliate Ticker, but of course you can call it anything you want.  That’s all I want to say about it for now, but it’s well worth having when it’s ready, both to sell or give away and of course for personal use too.

As well as the plugin, we’re also releasing another set of 5 sales pages (both HTML and WP versions), and personally I think these are better than the first ones – and those first ones are *very* good.  I’ve already seen two of last months PLR sales pages turn up on a couple of sites, so I’m pleased to see they’re already being put to good use.

Ask anyone.  If you were to pay to have ONE of these sales pages created for yourself, they’d cost you $47-$97 depending on who did them for you, and all you’d get back is the design with uneditable PNG or JPEG files.

With the ones we supply you get Private Label Rights to the entire pack of 5, plus all the PhotoShop source files, PLUS WordPress page template versions too.


Each month from PL Ahh you get TWO PLR products for the price of one.

Typically it will be a standalone PHP script or WordPress plugin or WordPress theme, plus a graphics type product.  But I might also add in the odd report that I write myself (or have written with my close supervision).  The report would come with a squeeze page to allow you to sell it as a list builder.

Now this current (first) months PL Ahh products I released for November are without sales page or copy.  My reasoning is that if you’re not going to put in the effort to make the products yours, then you may as well just be part of an MRR membership instead.

Make sense?

Despite that, I’ve had some people say that they’d like the sales pages and copy included for the products, so I’m going to do that because I want to give you what YOU want, not what I think you should have.  This then also gives those people who are prepared to put in a little effort the opportunity to make their version of the products unique.

That difference always means more sales.

Now then…

I really want to see more members join PL Ahh and it’s still possible to join in this first month and while the price is still only $27.

I’ll just repeat that as it’s important.

The monthly membership cost is STILL only $27 for the next 17 new members.  (The next step up is another $10 at 101 members.)

You get TWO brand new PLR products each month, and I think you’ll find those two products are a little different from what you’d normally expect to get from a PLR membership.

When the final 17 membership places are taken, the price will go up by another $10.

It’s well worth your time securing these last few places before it’s too late.

You can find out more about the PL Ahh membership here:-

-Frank Haywood

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