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Perfect eBook Nickel Sale now LIVE

The nickel sale for Perfect eBook is now LIVE and has started at just $2.97.  The price is increasing by 5 cents with each sale and the first 20 buyers will get it at under $4.

Make sure to bookmark your download page!

You can get to it here:-

-Frank Haywood

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Forming A Business Alliance

Working on your own at home is fine (and I quite like it) but of course it has its downsides too.  For instance when you have a job you go to each day, then you get all that social contact, and if you get on with the people you work with then it can be fun too.

I sort of miss that a little, but the freedoms I have now far outweigh any small misgivings I have about the team thing and missing the camaraderie.  You may feel the same.

And of course while you’re doing your thing and working from home, there’s nothing to stop you from forming an alliance with a like minded person or two and then creating a business from it.

The most important aspect is the division of workload and finding someone who has complementary skills to your own.  And you have to be able to get on with them too.  🙄

The thing is, just by being “out there” and doing stuff like product creation and getting your name known, you’ll inevitably bump into people along the way who share your enthusiasm and most importantly “get it” and who are on your wavelength.

It doesn’t happen every day, or even that often, but when it does you should grab the opportunity with both hands.

Sometimes you’ll find that you already know the person, but events just get in the way until one day you find that things are just right and you can get your act together.

The big benefit of finding someone you like and who has the abilities to handshake yours is you can get a lot done in a short amount of time.  IF you divide the work up between you and you can actually do what you say you’re going to do.  😉

Let’s not forget that when you work on your own, then every so often FEAR raises it’s head and you start to think you’re going to fail.

FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

If you’re working with someone else, then that fear of failure – which is just an emotion – largely disappears because suddenly you find yourself busy doing important stuff and you have goals to achieve.

So my question to you today is…

Is there someone out there than you can form an alliance with?

An alliance that will mutually benefit both of you.

I reckon if you stop to think for a few moments then you’ll come up with at least two people you’ve met either online or off that you could work with and split the profits.

Why not drop them a line or give them a call and ask if they want to work on a small project with you?  Nothing too big, just a 30-day project to begin with, and create a new product and get it to market.

Two of you working together will mean you start to spark off each other and you’ll come up with some great ideas.  You’ll find you always have different resources you’ve both found to share with each other which can then be used to help you in your venture.

My suggestion to you today is you put aside 30 minutes and call or write to someone and ask them if they wouldn’t be interested in working with you on a small project.

You’ll almost certainly find that they’ll say yes.

And that could be the start of a beautiful (business) relationship.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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How To Get More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

Getting more traffic to your blog seems to be quite easy.  About three weeks ago I installed Semiologic Pro (SP) including the Semiologic Theme onto this blog.

At that time when I checked with SEO Quake, I had just 95 pages indexed in Google.  Today I checked again and I see I now have 658 pages indexed…

You can check for yourself here.

Or of course if you have SEO Quake for FireFox you can use that too – that’s where I got the 658 and above URL from.

Now, there aren’t 658 pages of content on the site, but for some reason which I now put down to Semiologic Pro, Google has now paid attention to all my “tag” pages, all my “archive” pages, all my “category” pages and so on.  Yes I do have the “canonical” variable set for all my pages, but it hasn’t stopped Google from indexing the tag pages etc.

I’ve noticed that SemioLogic Pro has changed the format of the tag pages and this is probably one of the reasons that they’re now being indexed.  Example:-

For good measure, Google is also including a good few cloaked affiliate links (!!!) and some WordPress searches.  In case you didn’t know, Google started including searches in its index a little while back by using keywords in form boxes and indexing the results.

What this all means is I’ve suddenly seen an increase in visitors from search traffic.  It’s early days, but my estimate is somewhere between a third and a half as much more traffic as I was getting before I introduced Semiologic Pro to this site.

A 50% boost in traffic just for installing a new theme and plugins is pretty good don’t you think?  It wasn’t hard to do.

More traffic means more subscribers and more sales, it’s inevitable.  Knowing this has now given me an incentive to get my finger out and upgrade all my niche blogs.

Now I know that more traffic is something that you want, you’ve told me so.  I asked earlier this year what the number one question was and the overriding response was “how do I get more traffic to my sites?”

I guess a related question that is probably driving that is “how do I make more sales?” or “how do I make more commissions?”

Okay, here’s the easy to do solution for your all your niche sites.

#1 – Go get SemioLogic Pro (otherwise known as SemioLogic Reloaded).
#2 – Use the WP Affiliate Pages method to build your sales sites.

For #2, that’s what I’m now doing for all my sales sites, and I’ve set myself another task ahead to convert the ones that aren’t yet running under WordPress.

From what I can see, when you add SemioLogic WordPress becomes an extremely powerful platform that pulls in traffic.  If you then combine it with the WP Affiliate Pages method you have a dynamite combination.

When you stop to think about this, people agonise over improving conversions, and do split testing in order to make more money.  The concept is if you can improve your visitor to sales conversion ratio from 1% to 2% you’ve just given yourself a 100% pay rise.

Which is great.

The downside is it takes a lot of work.

You can achieve similar results by doubling the amount of traffic of course.  And if you can do that with little effort – just by installing a new theme and plugin set –  then it’s a far more effective way to spend your time.

(Of course there’s nothing to stop you from going ahead and split testing too if you have the time.)

I believe this is something you should go and do right away.  I dithered over buying SemioLogic Pro for nearly 3 years as I was unsure of the benefits.  Let’s face it, claims are often made that turn out to be hollow.

What tipped me over the edge was seeing some big name marketers converting their own sites to this platform.  Now I’ve seen the results, I’m really glad I did it.

Finally, the nice touch with SLP is like my own products, it’s not a per-domain licence (I hate that), you can install it on as many domains as you personally own.

-Frank Haywood

Three weeks on from making this post, and there are now 885 pages indexed in Google. I have to say I’m amazed and a little worried that it will all crash and burn, but I have faith in SLP and what it can do. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

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Autoblogging 101

Good news.  I’ve decided to make this available to everyone for free.


At least for a little while anyway.

The so-called “short” report I’ve been working on to go with the AutoBlog Plugin is now finished.

It all got a bit out of hand.  It’s as simple as that.

I started out intending to write 5 or 6 pages and realised while I was writing that it would create more questions than it would answer, so I just kept going.  And 40 pages later it’s done.

Actually, that’s not true.  There’s a lot more to be written on the subject, this is really just a flavour for it.  At some point I’ll create a much fuller product and go into AutoBlogging in more detail.

If you didn’t get the WordPress plugin in the nickel sale, you can still get it at a nice discount for another 2 or 3 days until I set up the proper sales page for it.  It’s currently $13.02 as I write this, and I’ll set the final price at either $17.00 or $27.00, I haven’t decided yet.


Here’s where you can download Autoblogging 101.

[LINK REMOVED – You can still get the report by signing up to my blog notifications on the top right of the home page.]

And if you want the plugin before the price goes up, you can get it here.

-Frank Haywood

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