Month: February 2009

How To Find Hot Niches With Dead Simple Market Research

Going on from my last post about market research, I’ve finally finished editing the video that shows you how you can find hot niches using a few minutes of your time and free tools from Google.

Google released a new search tool a little while back that pretty much tells you which niches people are searching for products to buy. It’s supposed to be used to assist AdWords users uncover keywords to match pages on their web sites, but you can also use it in reverse.

They don’t make it very obvious how to do that though and hide the link at the bottom of the page. 😉

The thing is, when you start using it you can quickly work your way down to a relatively quiet and valuable sub-niche with a little thought.

I say it in the video, and I’ll say it here too – it’s a gold mine!

This data is coming from the biggest database in the world, all pre-processed and packaged up for you. And Google are giving it to you for free.

No other market research tool can compete with Google – they know for a fact what products people are searching for – and they’re telling you where the hot markets are.

What I’ve done is uploaded a 15 minute video on how to do niche market research, and then I’ve put a much longer post about it which is a transcript of the video on the Warrior Forum.

You can read the post and the transcript, and get a link to the video and a downloadable PDF here:-

How To Find Hot Niches With Dead Simple Market Research

I hope you enjoy this, and if I get enough positive feedback about it on the Warrior Forum, I’ll do more.

If you like it and you’re a Warrior Forum member, then please say so on the forum. If you’re not a Warrior Forum member, then you should be – go sign up.

-Frank Haywood

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