Month: January 2009

Market Research – The Easy Way

I’ve been a little busy the last month and a bit, so I haven’t really had chance to do any blog posts.

But… I’ve had more than a few people contact me to say they’re having problems with Market Research.

And when I stopped to think about it, I realised that it’s been a fairly recurrent theme. In the past I’ve looked at things like product creation, surveys and putting up sales pages etc, but I’ve never really had anything to say about market research.

Yet this is something that people have been asking me about, and I guess it makes complete sense, but it’s something I’ve just completely overlooked.

So what I’ve done is I’ve put together a short video on how to do niche market research.

Tomorrow I’ll release a link to it – it’s just 15 minutes long, and I’ll supply it with a transcript too so you can have a read if that’s your preferred learning style or if my “brummy” accent sounds a bit funny and you can’t catch what I’m saying. 😉

-Frank Haywood.

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Site Builder Now Live

After a few 20 hour days, the Site Builder which currently comes as part of the Price Comparison Service is now live.

Personally I think it’s a stunning bit of software and will cut your creation time of IPK style sites dramatically. My wife has started using it and has given it a double thumbs up which believe me, is no mean award. 😉

Until last week she’d never built a web site in her life.

We have plans to add in some other little bits and pieces too, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.

The price of the unlimited price comparisons and sites has now gone up to $30 / month as I said it would do. Congrats to those people who took it at the early bird reduced price.

-Frank Haywood

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Site Building Service Beta

After a few 20 hour days the beta Site Builder is ready to launch. This is currently free to everyone using the Price Comparison Service and Paul and I feel it’s reason enough alone to subscribe to the service.

We reckon it will cut down the time needed to build an IPK style site to around an hour or less.

To give you an idea of how it works, last week my wife started putting up sites using the best web editor around – Dreamweaver – under my tuition. She put her first site up in around 4 hours using my own personally tweaked template which is designed for speed. Her second site took around 2h 30 to do. And she’s been getting faster since.

Today she sat down with the final version of the Site Builder and put up a site again in about 2h 30. She said that even though it was new to her yesterday, it was far easier to put up a site with it as most of the keywords etc. were already filled in. All she had to do was add some text around the pre-filled links and amend a couple of graphics.

What slowed her down was me talking too much.

Now I know that’s not much of a testimonial – it is my wife after all – but bear in mind only 3 people have even seen the Site Builder at all so far.

Tomorrow we’ll be enabling it for everyone using the Price Comparison Service. I’ll say it again, it’s a beta. It’s a VERY GOOD beta, but there may be one or two niggles. We’ve squashed most of the bugs in the last few days and it would be naive of us to expect we have them all.

In a few days time when we have all the bugs out, we’ll take it out of beta.

As I said earlier, it’s free to everyone using the Price Comparison Service.

It won’t stay like that forever though. Shortly we’ll be raising the price of the Comparison Service and the Site Builder will become a separate paid for service. That isn’t a scarcity tactic to get you to sign up now, it’s just the way we decided to do things all along.

Anyone who already has the Site Builder as part of the Price Comparison Service will continue to get it for free as long as they remain subscribed.

If you’re umming and ahhing, stop it.

Grab the Price Comparison Service now while it’s at its lowest price and get the Site Builder included for free.

Now that’s what I call a bonus! 🙂

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, come take a look at the forum and say hello.

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We All Want To Be Liked

(It’s All In The Mailing List Part 2)

I said in my last post we’d continue the day after but there’s been a few things going on since then. I’ve had a couple of power cuts and Paul and I have been busy working on the Site Builder for IPK sites.

Okay, that aside, let’s continue.

Many people say that the size of your mailing list has a direct bearing on your income. On the face of it this is true, but there are a number of other things involved too, and the biggest one is having a good relationship with your list.

I can tell you from experience that if you have a good relationship with your subscribers then you don’t need a huge list. I’ve certainly found this to be the case.

Thank you.

(I feel that I can make that relationship even better – I’ve already instigated a few changes for this year, and you’ll start to feel the benefit of that in the coming weeks and months.)

Apart from the comments made against my last blog post, I’ve also had people contact me separately, and the common threads seem to be…

“I’ve got a small list. How do I make it pay?”

“My list are only interested in freebies and they never buy anything. What can I do?”

The answer to these questions are as I’ve said above. It’s the relationship you have with your list that dictates how they’re going to behave to any mailings you send out. Do they like you or are they disinterested?

You know that in the offline “real” world that you like some people, and some people like you. It’s impossible for everyone to like everyone else as there are some personalities that just clash. Sometimes you meet someone and you just get on, other times it’s the exact opposite.

But did you know you can make most people like you by applying a few rules and changing your own attitude?

Think about this. If you meet someone and they smile a lot and agree with you, and then after a few minutes they smile and say “I like you”, isn’t it difficult not to like that person back?

The psychology behind it is that we all want to be liked. We’re hard wired to like people that like us and sound, look or have the same ideals as us. It’s that feeling of belonging we all want.

If someone smiles at you, then it’s hard not to smile back. If someone tells you they like them, then it’s hard not to like them back.

That’s why if you go around spreading happiness and smiles, that’s what you’ll get back. It’s obvious when you think about it isn’t it?


So how can you apply this to the online world?

You can’t tell everybody you like them – it’s clearly false when you’ve never met them and is likely to engender the opposite reaction. But you can put a smiling photo on your blog and connect with your subscribers that way. 😉


You can give them useful things such as information to help them achieve what they want.

So if you give your subscribers useful information (such as this blog post), and intersperse it with promotions for other products you recommend, and every so often a new paid product of your own that people will realise they’re getting stunning value for, then you’ll gradually build up their trust.

As their trust increases then so will your profits.

It doesn’t matter even if you have a relatively smallish list of a few hundred subscribers, it’s possible to make that list love you let alone like you, and that’s my aim for 2009. 🙂

I’ll be doing things this year that I know will raise your estimation of me. I’ll explain them as we go if you want me to, and if you want to do the same kind of thing with your own list, you’ll find it’s very straight forward to do.

But if you can’t wait and need to know this information now, there’s a short cut you can take to get started right away, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can have a small list and still make a decent profit from it.


-Frank Haywood

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It’s All In The Mailing List

Every so often, I get asked by someone who’s clearly frustrated how anyone can possibly make a living online. Yet lots of people do it. They know that, but they just can’t see how it’s at all possible for THEM to do it.

I understand the frustration, as at one time I found it difficult to grasp just how other people could it and not me. It wasn’t so very long ago either.

I try to answer their specific questions as best I can, but sometimes the questions are so general it’s too hard to give a good answer.

By the way did you know that 60% of newbies give up in the first 12 months? There’s almost certainly a direct correlation between those who succeed and those who give up before they’ve given it their best.

(That 60% statistic came from a survey Mike Filsaime did just over 2 years ago. I don’t think it’s any real surprise to regular readers of this blog, and I don’t expect that number to have changed significantly. And I don’t think Mike would kill me for revealing that…)

So that means that every 12 months a load of people throw in the towel. Which I guess in a way makes it easier for us that keep going. 🙂

But even more interesting is that most of the people in that survey had a mailing list of less than 1,000 with half of those not having any kind of mailing list at all.

That’s not just interesting, it’s preposterous. How on earth do you stand any chance of running an online business without a mailing list?

Think about it.

I’ll tell you now that your internet business is your mailing list. You probably think you already know that, but I just have to wonder sometimes at the importance that people put on having a mailing list at all, especially as it seems a lot of people don’t have one.

If you’re a newbie reading this, then start thinking about building a mailing list or several, right away. For instance, there’s a good chance you’re reading this because you had an email from me with a link to this site. You almost certainly would not be reading this if you hadn’t signed up to one of my mailing lists.

Now you might be feeling a little glum if you have a small list, or if you don’t have any list at all. But it’s not all doom and gloom – it never is when you look at things in the right way. If you accept the proposition that your mailing list is your business (Which it is. Don’t argue. Keep up.) then you know it’s time to get going.

What if you knew that even with a relatively small list of a few hundred people you could make a full time living online? 🙂

That’s a bit cheering on a cold January day isn’t it? Apologies for that comment if you live somewhere hot, but it’s freezing here in the UK.

If you knew for a fact you could build a mailing list and start making money from it right away, you’d make the effort wouldn’t you?


I’ll tell you tomorrow. 😉

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, come take a look at the forum and say hello.

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