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Resale Rights to SmartDD Lite

Tomorrow I announce resale rights to SmartDD Lite at a drastically reduced price in a nickel sale.

If you’re one of the first 18 people, you’ll get it for under $2.

If you’re one of the first 48 people, you’ll get it for under $5.

Even if you buy at $15, you’ll still be getting it cheaper than the final price on the official launch day when resale rights will be sold at $27.

Note that this is for resale rights, NOT master resale rights.

If you don’t know the difference, then read my earlier post:-

Why is resale rights such a good thing to have?  Well, it means that you’ll be able to immediately start selling SmartDD Lite yourself and earn money by doing it.

You’ll also be able to earn money just by GIVING AWAY your copy of SmartDD Lite, because the resale rights version comes with the ability to embed your SmartDD affiliate link inside it.

SmartDD is currently at version 2 and sells for $97 in the members area of the web site.  The commission payout for SmartDD v2 is 50%.

Confused?  Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Okay, here we go.

The original SmartDD is now at version 2.

Shortly, I’ll be releasing a cut down version of it called SmartDD Lite.  Hence the “Lite”…

SmartDD Lite is based on the original version of SmartDD and until recently, that version was selling every day of the week between $67 and $97 depending on when you purchased it.  All the people that bought the original version in the last 12 months have now received a free upgrade to version 2.

Because I know that many start up businesses can’t afford or don’t want to shell out $97 to do delivery and download protection, I took the old version of SmartDD, tweaked it a bit, and I’m now releasing it as SmartDD Lite.

And tomorrow, I’ll be releasing it with RESALE RIGHTS for under $2 for the first few people to grab it.

This will be done through a NICKEL SALE.

Okay, “what’s a nickel sale?” I hear you cry.

Simply, every time there’s a sale, the price goes up by 5 cents.

The price will start at $1.07 for the first person fast enough to get there and click the buy button.  The next person gets it at $1.12, the next at $1.17 and so on.  It will take 18 purchases for it to go over $2 to $2.02.

So the fastest clicker gets the lowest price.

I’ll run the sale for maybe 48 hours, and then close it down.  After that, resale rights will be set at $27…

Going back to how you can earn money by giving away your copy of SmartDD.

Yes, you can sell it for whatever you think is reasonable, and many people will be happy to purchase from you.  But you can still make money even if you give it away.


Simply by embedding your affiliate link for the FULL SmartDD now at v2.  When someone installs SmartDD Lite and decides to upgrade to SmartDD v2 to get all the swizzy new features we’ve just added, they’ll click YOUR affiliate link, and you’ll get the commission.

Isn’t that cool?

Well I think it is.

Tomorrow, here on this blog, I’ll make a password protected post with details of where the nickel sale is running.

I’ll drop you a line if you’re on the blog notification list.  After I’ve sent the email out with the password, then if you aren’t on the list, you’ll miss the sale and you’ll have to pay $27 if you want resale rights.

If you aren’t on the list, go to the home page of this blog and look over on the right.  Enter your name and email address in the boxes and click the button.

Then tomorrow (Tuesday) you’ll get an email from me.

-Frank Haywood

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I Made An Assumption – RR, MRR, PLR

On Saturday, I sent out an email to my SmartDD list to tell them about my upcoming release of SmartDD Lite.

And in that email I made an assumption, which is never a very good idea, but I made that assumption because most if not all of my SmartDD list are either in business or aspiring to be.

I assumed that everyone knew the difference between Resale Rights (RR), MASTER Resale Rights (MRR), and Private Label Rights (PLR).

It seems that quite a few people don’t, so I thought I’d better make it clear.

In most cases, when something is available for sale online, it’s for personal use only. ie you can use it and that’s about it.

But sometimes, your rights are improved, sometimes dramatically.

Resale Rights (RR) means you have the right to resell something you’ve purchased and keep all the profits. You do NOT have the right to convey Resale Rights onto your buyers.

Master Resale Rights (MRR) means you have the right to resell something you’ve purchased and keep all the profits. You DO have the right to convey Master Resale Rights onto your buyers usually, although sometimes there may be a restriction that says you can’t do that.

Private Label Rights (PLR) means you are purchasing the rights to pretty much do whatever you want with the material. You can change the name, look and appearance and sell it as if it were your own unique creation. Usually, you’re not allowed to sell it as PLR material yourself, but sometimes you are.

Please note that all of the above are generalisations. Many rights are sold with some strange quirks, and you should make sure you fully understand what you can do with the product once you’ve bought it.

-Frank Haywood.

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Resale Rights for SmartDD Lite for Under Two Dollars

I’ll be releasing SmartDD Lite in a few days time. This is effectively version 1 of SmartDD with a couple of tweaks.

When the site officially goes live, I’ll be selling it at $7 for personal use.

I’ll also be selling resale rights to it, somewhere between $17 and $27. We’re still talking about the final price for resale rights, but I think it will be settled at $27.

But before I do that, I’d like to offer you the chance to get resale rights at under 2 dollars by offering SmartDD Lite in a nickel sale.

I’ll be starting the price at $1.07, and raising it by 5 cents with every sale. So the first 18 buyers will get SmartDD Lite for under two dollars.

The resale rights version is a special version that you can embed with your affiliate link to the full version of SmartDD. The personal version doesn’t have this embedded link.

Until we released SmartDD v2, I was selling copies of v1 every day of the week for $67-$97 – that’s what you’re buying when you get SmartDD Lite v1.

Once you have the resale rights version of SmartDD Lite, you can sell or give it away with your affiliate link embedded inside it. Every person you sell or give it to that then installs it, will have your affiliate link for SmartDD v2 at the bottom of every page.

I’ll announce details of where you can find the nickel sale on Tuesday at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am EST) here on this blog in a password protected post.

I’m also considering selling a few copies of Private Label Rights to SmartDD Lite.  This would be for no less than $300.

With Private Label Rights this means you’ll be able to completely re-skin it, give it a different name and call it your own. You could easily find someone on ScriptLance, Elance or Craig’s List to do this for you for less than a couple of hundred dollars.

If you’re interested in purchasing PLR for SmartDD Lite, then go to my support desk at:-

and raise a ticket under the “personal message” department.

I’ll keep a note of your details, and let you know when I intend to do this.

-Frank Haywood

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