Month: June 2007

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned

Well, I’m sorry I haven’t sent out an email this last week or two, but I’ve been really busy breaking one of my golden rules.

Which one?

I’ll get to it in a moment.

I think I’ve said before in one of my earlier emails that Mike Filsaime is one of my mentors. I finally met him last September (and again in October), and I signed up to his mentoring program.

It’s greatly accelerated my learning, and that’s what I paid for.

Plus, Mike is a nice guy and I have a lot of time for him.

If you take the time to go meet him at one of the many public venues he attends and ask him a direct question, he *always* gives you a direct answer. He works on a policy of total disclosure.

That’s why I like him, there’s no edge.

He’s a marketer and he sometimes goes into sales mode, but that’s what he does – that’s how he earns his living.

So what’s the golden rule I’ve been breaking?

It takes a little explaining, but it can be summed up as "work on one project at a time with laser sharp focus".

This is one of Mike’s concepts for earning money online.

I might be generalising here, but I believe we all tend to jump from one thing to another and never focus on just the one subject. We do that because we don’t want to miss out on anything.

(I’ve missed out on a few good things by not taking action there and then, and I guess you have too.)

But we can also sometimes be guilty of taking too many little actions with no direction, or at least they may all have the same general direction, but they’re not taking us the most direct route.

So this is the concept behind this golden rule, and why and how it works.

You must only work on ONE project at a time, and with laser sharp focus. Get the project complete, get the product out there, and start earning income from it.

THEN concentrate on the next one.

30 days per project is all it should take if you’re completely focused, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. If you’re starting out, then 30 days is all you really want to spend on a project.

And as you build and launch each one, your income increases month on month. Some will flop, some will be successful, and over time you can’t lose…

So how many do I have on the go at the moment? Umpteen. I’ve broken the rule with the best intentions of course.

And when you break the rule it spreads you very thinly because you’re spinning lots of plates, and running from one to the other.

Think of it like this. If you have a 30 day project, it takes 30 days to complete, give or take. (D’uh!)

And you can start earning money from it.

If you have another 30 day project straight after it, then that’s 60 days, and you have two products out there earning you money.


If you try to do both 30 day projects at the same time, then you get this strange effect where each project now takes 45 days because you’re not completely focused on either one, making a total of 90 days to complete both of them.

But where it really all starts to go wrong is when you have another "great idea" and start working on that too. Now the 45 days turns into 60 days per project, and then guess what?

You have *another* "great idea" and nothing ever gets finished, and projects eventually get dropped to be replaced by "better" ideas.

It’s happened to me, and to a lesser extent it’s happening now. I’ve been side tracked by several projects which has slowed me down and made me very busy.

One of my projects I wanted to launch tomorrow, but that’s not going to happen now. My aim is to get it ready for Tuesday, and I should know if I can achieve that by tonight. I may have to push it back another few days.

So more news on that as it happens.

So I want to know, here’s my question to you – is that what’s happening (or has happened) to you too?

You can reply to this by leaving a comment here on the blog.

It’s worth noting that I’ve turned off the nofollow tag on all my blogs. So that means that when you post and enter your URL, it counts as a back link to your site by the search engines.

I thought you’d like that.

Now further up I mentioned that I was on Mike Filsaime’s mentoring program. It costs me $500.00 a month.

For that money, I get pretty much every item of software he’s ever released for free, plus most of his services too.

More importantly, three times a month (each Wednesday), I get to dial in and hear brand spanking new material which is sometimes with industry experts, and sometimes Mike does a brain dump on a topic he knows well.

And once a month is a call in day where I can chat with Mike or his CEO Tom Beal, or one of the other mentors (Donna Fox and Paulie Sabol) or all of them if I feel like it.

If you consider that each of these Wednesday call ins costs me $125.00 a week, how would you feel if you could get access to some of this content for a much lower price?


I can’t give you the direct content I get to hear and see as it’s copyrighted material and I just wouldn’t ever do that kind of thing.


What I have for you is just as good.

It’s a VERY recent interview of Mike Filsaime talking to Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason.

In it, Mike covers the same kind of material he does on the Wednesday call ins I pay $125.00 a week for.

It’s GREAT content. Mike is an animated speaker, and when you hear him you’ll realise just why I’m happy to pay what I do.

How much? $12.00 until the 3rd July then the price is going up.

For your money, you get an MP3 plus a written transcript of the call in PDF format if that’s how you prefer to learn.

Go get it from here:-

You’ll enjoy it. 

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