Month: January 2007

Okay, I’ve Had It With Google’s PPC

It’s just too damn complicated! I’ve had an AdWords account for about 3 years now, and what started off as a nice and simple way of paying for traffic has turned into a no go zone.

This is my latest experience with Google.

A few days ago I started a new campaign. I did a little research, found some low priced and well related keywords and put them all in one campaign. I figured to leave them a few days to see which were working and which ones weren’t, and then do a "peel and stick" into another more highly targetted campaign.

I set my budget low and started it all off. I checked after the first day and increased the bid on some of the keywords, and deleted a couple which had mysteriously jumped to 50p (USD $1.00), and another one which had jumped to £2.50 ($5.00).

This just set the trend.

I now find that most of my keywords are inactive for search as they have all increased to either 50p or £2.50, with a cryptic message telling me to improve the quality of the words.

Well last time I checked in the dictionary, a word was a word. And if there’s somehow a new and mysterious way of increasing the quality of that word, it’s beyond me.

After already spending a couple of hours setting it all up in what has become the most tiresome interface I have ever seen, I now can’t be bothered any more.

Google, you’ve lost my business. Forever. Your PPC is just a waste of space, and it now matches the increasingly poor quality of your search results.

Take a hike. There are plenty of other ways of getting traffic without you.

Posted by Frank Haywood in internet business