Your Custom WP Theme Is Now Available

Until we sell the two available slots, you can now order a unique custom WordPress theme for which you completely own the copyright.

We’ll supply you with all the Photoshop PSDs, plus the completed WP theme, all to your specifications.

The complete process to design and code your theme takes 2-3 weeks in ideal circumstances, but may take a little longer due to the nature of the task.  This is why there are only TWO slots available.

I REALLY don’t want you to purchase this on a whim.

I would like it if you have a definite game plan and know exactly what you’re going to do with your theme.

As I’ve said in previous emails, it may be you have a mailing list and you’re going to sell your new theme to your subscribers, or maybe you have a client you want the theme creating for.

(I’ve a few minutes ago received a very nice cheque from a local client who wanted his site re-doing and some SEO work done.  We created a WP theme and then used the All-In-One SEO plugin to do all the on page SEO, with an ongoing backlinking campaign to commence tomorrow.)

Or a third alternative is you may intend to give the theme away in return for sign-ups to your mailing list.  If you’re going to do this I would actually recommend you use the 7 Dollar Script and sell it with 100% commission to build a mailing list of buyers.

Whatever you’re going to use it for, PLEASE make sure you have a game plan.


I’ll just say it again, there are only TWO slots.

The price is $500 per slot. When they sell I’ll remove the buy button.

I’m really sorry if you miss it, but if it’s very popular I’ll do it again in a few weeks time when the current buyers have their new themes.

Buy now

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood