Would you like to work with me for 2 months? With direct access to me when you need it, via Skype? Then read on.

When I first started down this business path a few years ago, I realised fairly quickly that I couldn’t do it all on my own. There was too much to learn and I floundered.

I quickly realised I needed help and so I went to a couple of seminars, signed up to a coaching programme and formed a mastermind group.

That realisation that I was stuck and then having the guts to admit it to myself was one of the cleverer things I’ve done. (I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff, but you live and learn.)

I think that the one thing that I can attribute most of my success to was the coaching programme, but also being able to talk to other people in the mastermind group was good too. The group lasted about 4 months before we all went off to do our own thing, but I made some good friends, and still talk to some of them fairly regularly on Skype.

It’s been good. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that – I’m fairly certain I’d be all washed up by now, dreams shattered.

Instead I have quite a few products out there, several good working relationships and some solid plans for 2010.

It doesn’t all happen at once. It takes time. But looking back I now know that if I’d had someone knowledgable I could have turned to when I needed it, even for a short space of time, it would have made all the difference, and I’d be a lot further down the road than I am now.

In fact, I didn’t really need the coaching, I just needed to able to talk to someone who’d been there before me so I could ask what to do next. Yeah I know that sounds a bit like coaching, but there’s a subtle difference, believe me. The coaching programme I was on was in a set format, very rigid – weekly webinars followed by a mass Q&A session once a month, where we all had to sit in a queue to ask questions. Not great.

What I needed was someone I could turn to regularly, someone who I could ask questions of, as and when I needed to, and not have to wait a month for the next chance.

It would have made all the difference early on.

Now… I’ve always wanted to help other people, and over the past few years I’ve quietly helped a few people here and there where I could. I knew it wasn’t always enough, and really wasn’t that good because I’ve been too busy to do it properly.

So this is what I’ve decided to do for you if you’ve read this far.

I’m putting aside the whole of January and February so you can tap me up on Skype and ask me anything you want about Internet Marketing related stuff like product creation, list building, copywriting, how to approach potential JV partners, autoresponders and so on.

Effectively you’ll be working with me for 2 months, and will have the same kind of access to me that my existing JV partners and friends have.

At this point I reckon you’ll be thinking “How much is this going to cost me?”

Well, I told one of my friends what I wanted to do and he said “How many people you going to do this for bud?” I replied “10, but from experience I could probably take up to 15.”

“Two grand a head.”

“Nope,” I said “that’s more than I want to charge.”

“Well I’d charge at least a thousand, but that’s the least I’d do what you’re talking about, it’s crazy to do it for any less, it will take up virtually all your time. Think about people calling you all hours of the day.”


Well I don’t want to charge that much, but I can see his point. So I’ve had a think and I reckon I’ve come up with a good compromise that will keep the price low enough to be affordable to you.

I’m still mulling it over in my head, and please just bear in mind that I can only do this for a few people. I know that if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll see it as one of the best decisions you ever made, and from my perspective I’d love you to come join me.

I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood