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One of my developers is almost done with a plugin that will enable you to create an identical copy of one of your existing WordPress sites onto another.

It’s an incredible time saver.

This is what you can do:-

  • Maintain a single up to date default blog on a sub-domain.
  • Add all your favourite themes and plugins to your default blog.
  • Then in a few seconds copy it to a new site.
  • Repeat.

Then when you need a new blog creating, all you have to do is enter the FTP and cPanel details of the target site and click go.

A few seconds later your target site contains an exact copy of your original blog and all you have to do is tweak a few things like the name and tagline etc, and you’re ready to go.

I guess you could also use it in reverse to back up your existing live blogs to a backup site on another sub-domain too.

It’s certainly something I’ve wanted to be able to do for a long time and I know there are a few unsatisfactory alternatives out there, but I didn’t feel that they fit my exact requirements.

There’s one that’s an expensive monthly service, and another that’s a Windows application.Β  There’s also a plugin out there, but I think it’s a little too expensive for what it does – maybe if it had a few extra features it would be worth it.


The developer reckons the beta will be ready Wednesday or Thursday next week, and when it’s done I’m going to add it directly to the affiliate scheme at full price as I know it will be a very popular plugin and plenty of people will want to promote it.


In the tradition of the past 12 months and because I like to regularly say thank you for being a subscriber, I’d like to offer it to you at a hefty discount on pre-order.

In return, I’d like a little feedback please.Β  Things like how easy it was to install and use (once you get it), how much time it will save you, any enhancements needed (I’ve already thought of some cool upgrades for later versions), and so on.

Does that sound reasonable for such an amazingly cool and very useful plugin?

The plan is that I’ll make 50 available on pre-order for $10.00 tomorrow (Friday 7th) at 6.00pm GMT, then raise the price to $12.50 for the next 25 and $15.00 for the next 25 before setting the final price at $27.00 (maybe even $37.00, we’ll see).

This gives you the chance to get this plugin at the lowest price it will ever be for a very short time.

An important note though…

I’ve had lots of people miss these deals and then write to me asking if I could give them the same deal at a later date.

I never do as that’s just not fair is it?

First come, first served, be there or be square.Β  You know the score.Β  πŸ˜‰

Until tomorrow…

-Frank Haywood