Gareth Hogan

Thanks Frank, Got it
Good luck with the sale
best wishes

mmmmmm……….installed but then got error messages……….a bug?

Daniel Smth

Don’t want any bad publicity but I need help. Installed the
WP Autoresponder plugin and activated it. My Blog the gives
me a white screen. When I de-activated it, all is OK. Can
you let me know what I need to do??
Daniel Smith

Stuart Joseph

Him Frank,
I got the script @ the Nickel sale.
How do I install and use it? I could not find any instructions when I unzipped the file.

Gareth Hogan

What happened? Two weeks have past and it is like the “marie celeste” here. No other comments, did I miss something? has everybody gone somewhere else without telling me?

I hope everything is alright. I have set up my autoresponder on five blogs aimed at small niches and the sign up’s are starting to trickle in. I have “borrowed” Frank’s idea of asking people to register their email address for “updates” and it actually does work better. (Sorry, to sound a bit surprised).

Thank you again, Frank for a great WP plugin,ideal for my low key small niche marketing efforts where I just keep visitors informed of updates to get them coming back to the websites/blogs.

best wishes

Frank Haywood

@Gareth Hogan:

Shortly after releasing the plugin and a couple of updates, I became ill (probably flu or a similar bug) and I’ve been mostly offline in the last 2 weeks apart from checking my email a few times. I’m just about to release another update to the plugin after a testing, so watch out for that.