Where’s all my spam gone?

Are all the spammers on holiday?  I have a number of business email accounts for various websites, and as they’re business email accounts I can’t really apply a spam filter as I’d inevitably lose genuine emails.  So each day I delete around 30-40 spam emails across the various accounts.  It takes about 5 minutes, and it’s just one of my daily chores.

About a month ago, there was a sharp increase in the number of junk emails coming in, it had probably trebled is my estimate, but it didn’t really add any substantial amount of time to my daily deletion, maybe a minute.  Then a week ago, they almost disappeared overnight, and it’s been like that all week, with just a trickle coming in each day.

It was so few that I thought there might be a problem with my email accounts.  I’ve just moved servers twice, more on that in another post, so I thought something had gone wrong, but no, I seem to be getting all of my other emails okay.

It looks like there’s been a genuine decline in spam this last week for some reason, maybe there’s been a load of arrests or server closures, I don’t know.

The strange thing is, I’ve missed it.  Isn’t that perverse?  I’ve become used to spam filling my inbox to the point where I miss it when it’s not there.

Now we all like to get emails (well I do), but how sad is it when I start missing spam?

Posted by Frank Haywood

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Simon@Free Vector Art

Do follow blogs to tend to get a lot of Spam flood type attacks…i.e. 20-30 comments that all look the same from the same person. I found with wordpress 2.5.1 spam dropped off in a huge way. Then it picked back up when I allowed do follow…but I still think do follow comments are worth the effort.