When Things Go Wrong

Every so often even though you take all precautions, things go wrong.

Like my subscriber special offer you can use in your own internet business which was going to be released this last week.

I spent several hours on the copy and I was really pleased with it.  I usually do all my writing in a plain text editor and spruce it up in Dreamweaver afterwards, making tweaks and changes to the copy here and there as I go.

So, I’d done all that and spent another 3 hours tweaking the copy here and there in Dreamweaver as I normally do, and getting it all formatted nicely with box outs etc.

All I had left to do was add some boxes with the offer itself, a few closing paragraphs and that was it.  A couple of hours work left, tops.


When I went to bed on Sunday night, tired and pleased with what I’d done…

What I didn’t realise as I saved the HTML document was I’d deleted all the spruced up copy by mistake as it was all in a single table.  I didn’t find out until Monday when I came to finish it off.

You can imagine how I felt.

But just in case you can’t, I was so dejected I just didn’t have it in me to redo it all again right after I’d done so much and lost it all.

So it had to wait a few days, but now it’s almost all put back together again, so…  as I like to say…

Watch this space.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


John Cussons


I feel for you as I have done just that – NOT – properly saved my work not only in HTML editors but word processors, plain text editors, email drafts, blog posts that I am creating , the list goes on…

I use Mind Mapping and other programs that thank goodness will save when closed BUT if a power surge or other un-forced computer shut down occurs I loose again.

SO I have learned by experience to “SAVE” often as I am sure you do as well.

BUT, every once in a while, usually after some of my “Most Significant” work, LOL, I fail to follow my rules and have to recreate my “Masterpiece” just like you.

Glad you are feeling better, keep up your excellent blog Frank!

I’m Lovin’It!
John Cussons
“Mr Emotions”

There are utilities available to restore deleted data which might have saved you a lot of heartache Frank. I got a free one from Iolo called Search and Recover 4 which I haven’t used yet but you never know when something like this will be needed do you?

It’s nice to know it’s sitting there if I ever do need it.

Frank – Forgive me if I am just too dense but where is Smartdd V2? Your Smartdd.com site is the same version as always isn’t it? I am sure this is right in front of my eyes but I am blind lol. Anyway as a seller and a user of Smartdd I am interested in Smartdd V2..

Best Regards
Phil Eugene

Frank Haywood

Hi Phil,

V2 is in the PRO1 or PAID members areas. I’ll shortly be releasing V3 and supplying a free version of that too.