What would YOU pay for a WordPress theme designed to bring you in multiple streams of income?

Let’s get specific.  Take a look at this JPEG image in a new tab in your browser:-


Is that nice, or is that NICE?

It’s been designed especially to allow you to review products, build your mailing lists and promote multiple products as an affiliate.

And at the moment it’s just a design, but it’s currently being sliced and developed into a WordPress 2.9 theme (and planned to be converted later into a WP 3.0 theme with custom menu support).

You want?  I know I do, and I can’t wait to get it online onto one of my blogs – I am REALLY excited about it.

Now I’ll be totally up front with you about this.  I outright STOLE the idea for this theme from the brilliant Jimmy D Brown.  Until recently he used to supply a theme similar to this (only not as good looking) for $27.

He’s now “retired” his version of this theme along with some other of his smaller products as he’s moving into bigger ticket items like coaching.

You can no longer buy it from him, although I was very tempted to pay him $97 in return for resale rights, but I decided to go one better and have my own designed instead.

And what you see after countless fruitless hours of searching for a good designer and hundreds of dollars later is the result.

It’s not ready yet.  I estimate there’s still at least a couple of weeks work to turn it into a WP theme to my standards – I want multiple “sidebars”, and when the final version of WP 3.0 comes out, custom menu support.

If you used this together with my “WordPress AutoResponder” and “Subscribers Only” plugins (nickel sale still running), it would be an awesome combination, and I don’t use awesome lightly as it does get overused nowadays doesn’t it?

So, going back to my original question.  What would YOU pay for a theme like this one?

Or put another way – what should I charge for it?

$27?  $47?  It’s what I would consider a premium WordPress theme, and they typically go for $75 or more licenced to a single site.

Well, I haven’t decided, after all it’s not ready yet.

And as it’s not ready, how about if I offered it to you on pre-order?

How about if I offered it for…


But only for the first 75 people.

Does that sound reasonable to you?

For your money you’ll get access to your personal download page (courtesy of SmartDD), and when the theme is completed, I’ll send you an email and your zipped theme will apear on your download page.

Now I know you might be thinking WHY am I doing this?  Why don’t I just wait until the theme is complete, and then release it for a much higher price?

Simple.  It’s another thank you for continuing to be a subscriber.

That’s why I also run nickel sales – just to say thank you for being there.


So tomorrow afternoon I’ll let you know where the first 75 people to get there can pre-order for just $10 for a multi site licence.

Let’s say 2.30pm GMT (9.30am EST).

I’m sorry if you don’t get there in time tomorrow, I will offer it to you for $27 at a later date before setting the final price so it won’t be the end of the world if you miss it.

-Frank Haywood