I have a dilemma.

(As I’ve written this, I’ve changed my mind a couple of times but I think I’ve made my mind up.)

Here’s my problem. Every week I generally buy at least a couple of products.

Sometimes it’s a learning product, sometimes PLR, more often it’s a tool of some sort, and occasionally I sign up to a new service or membership.

I think I *might* have “a bit of a problem” and thank goodness there’s no online equivalent of the home shopping channel.


At least most of the stuff I actually look at I don’t buy as it’s a newbie / sucker purchase. Looks pretty but holds no value, kind of thing.

(Okay I sometimes fall for one, and did this week, but you’ll never hear about it. It was PLR for an ebook that fell in line with something that I’ve been thinking about and I thought there might be at least some useful information in it. It was total junk, clearly written by someone who knew how to use Google but knew nothing about the actual subject matter and kept using stilted phrases like “one can always tell…” I guess I can use the graphics and ecover after editing.)

Once I’ve purchased something, I then make a decision as to whether I want to tell you about it and give a recommendation to buy.

My guess is there’s on average one or maybe two products each month that I think “float my boat” and actually make the grade.

But I STILL may not send an email out about it.

And then *sometimes* there’s SEVERAL products all at once that are REALLY good, and I’m left with the dilemma of either telling you about all of them, or choosing the best of the bunch.

But *sometimes* there’s no “best” because they all provide different things.

They’re all equally as good in different ways. It’s a dilemma.

For example, this last week or so, I’ve told you about

1) A cracking WordPress theme called OmniPress.

2) How to get your videos to convert.

3) How to generate free traffic in HUGE niches – I love this and want to tell you more about it as I think it’s a licence to print money.

4) And yesterday about 2 mobile products.

Build your own mobile apps.
Mobile templates.

It’s madness!

That’s way more than I feel comfortable promoting in such a short period.

Worse still is I was going to tell you about something else that is incredibly cool until I spotted it only works in Google Chrome. (I’ve written to them about it, so hopefully they’ll get that fixed soon.)

And then last night I bought SOMETHING ELSE that is BLOODY FANTASTIC!

So I thought to myself “What do I do?”

I’m already feeling the embarrassment of sending out too many promotional emails in too short a period, but this is great stuff that I know at least some people reading this will like.

If not one, then another.

I know we’re all different and you may not agree with everything I write about, but key for me is that I think ALL of these products are really good, but in different ways.

Some of it is about selling. Some of it is about traffic. Some (last nights) is about list building. Some are one or more of the previous and are also useful tools. It’s all stuff I’m interested in, and as you read my ramblings I think you’re probably interested in it too.

You know what?

Writing this has (I think) helped me sort this out in my head.

I feel like I have a duty to tell you about the good ones, no matter if they all appear in a lump like this last week.

If we were down the pub having a drink, we’d definitely be talking about them.

And I’ve just realised that here’s the acid test. ALL of these I’ve immediately told family members about and even showed them, either my wife or one of my sons.

Now thinking logically (ahem), if I’ve been excited enough to tell my family about them, then I should be telling you too.

I hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

I actually feel a bit emotionally exhausted writing this, so I’ll sign off now saying that I would genuinely appreciate any comments on this below.

Thanks for reading.

-Frank Haywood