We All Want To Be Liked

(It’s All In The Mailing List Part 2)

I said in my last post we’d continue the day after but there’s been a few things going on since then. I’ve had a couple of power cuts and Paul and I have been busy working on the Site Builder for IPK sites.

Okay, that aside, let’s continue.

Many people say that the size of your mailing list has a direct bearing on your income. On the face of it this is true, but there are a number of other things involved too, and the biggest one is having a good relationship with your list.

I can tell you from experience that if you have a good relationship with your subscribers then you don’t need a huge list. I’ve certainly found this to be the case.

Thank you.

(I feel that I can make that relationship even better – I’ve already instigated a few changes for this year, and you’ll start to feel the benefit of that in the coming weeks and months.)

Apart from the comments made against my last blog post, I’ve also had people contact me separately, and the common threads seem to be…

“I’ve got a small list. How do I make it pay?”

“My list are only interested in freebies and they never buy anything. What can I do?”

The answer to these questions are as I’ve said above. It’s the relationship you have with your list that dictates how they’re going to behave to any mailings you send out. Do they like you or are they disinterested?

You know that in the offline “real” world that you like some people, and some people like you. It’s impossible for everyone to like everyone else as there are some personalities that just clash. Sometimes you meet someone and you just get on, other times it’s the exact opposite.

But did you know you can make most people like you by applying a few rules and changing your own attitude?

Think about this. If you meet someone and they smile a lot and agree with you, and then after a few minutes they smile and say “I like you”, isn’t it difficult not to like that person back?

The psychology behind it is that we all want to be liked. We’re hard wired to like people that like us and sound, look or have the same ideals as us. It’s that feeling of belonging we all want.

If someone smiles at you, then it’s hard not to smile back. If someone tells you they like them, then it’s hard not to like them back.

That’s why if you go around spreading happiness and smiles, that’s what you’ll get back. It’s obvious when you think about it isn’t it?


So how can you apply this to the online world?

You can’t tell everybody you like them – it’s clearly false when you’ve never met them and is likely to engender the opposite reaction. But you can put a smiling photo on your blog and connect with your subscribers that way. 😉


You can give them useful things such as information to help them achieve what they want.

So if you give your subscribers useful information (such as this blog post), and intersperse it with promotions for other products you recommend, and every so often a new paid product of your own that people will realise they’re getting stunning value for, then you’ll gradually build up their trust.

As their trust increases then so will your profits.

It doesn’t matter even if you have a relatively smallish list of a few hundred subscribers, it’s possible to make that list love you let alone like you, and that’s my aim for 2009. 🙂

I’ll be doing things this year that I know will raise your estimation of me. I’ll explain them as we go if you want me to, and if you want to do the same kind of thing with your own list, you’ll find it’s very straight forward to do.

But if you can’t wait and need to know this information now, there’s a short cut you can take to get started right away, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can have a small list and still make a decent profit from it.



-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Clive Praed

Again, Frank, I have to agree with you.

Unfortunately, the relationship can be very one sided.

I do all you say but there is zero response.

Freebies by the bucketful – links to useful free websites, free memberships.

If an email address is required – no takers.

Not one email from anyone on my list for 18 months – not a sale or a signup to anything either.

Pretty tough old relationship.

Frank Haywood


I think you have to accept the fact that you have a list of freebie seekers.

Most of the time your first interaction with a new subscriber should involve an exchange of money, even if it’s only a few dollars. This proves you have a buyer on your hands and not a freebie seeker.

The other thing you should know is that an average email address has a lifespan of around 18 months. After that time, people have moved on and are using a different email address, maybe because their old one is getting too much spam.

Here’s an idea. Write up some useful information, and create a “7 Dollar Site” to promote it using the 7 Dollar Script. I *know* you can write, you’re very good at it.

Set up your site so that people enter their name and email address after purchase on the download page. Don’t make them sign up before the download page as it will invariably annoy them. Use a brand new mailing list – don’t mix these buyers in with your existing list.

Give 100% commission on the front end, and if you have an OTO, offer 50% on it.

Then go to Don Morris’s 7dollaroffers.com site and submit it there.

You’ll start to see sign ups, and although you may not make any money (other than via the OTO) as the entire commission will go to Don (100%), you’ll be compiling a list of buyers interested in the kind of product you offered and they bought.

You’ll then be able to make offers to that list and as you know they’re proven buyers, that’s where you’ll make your money.

Some of your buyers of your 7DS product will become affiliates and send you more buyers. It’s a great system.

SmartDD will let you do the same thing – I’ll ask Don if he has any objection to submitting SDD based sites to his 7 Dollar Offers site.

If you read this Don, will you let us do that? 😉


Bruce Ibanez

Hey Frank,

I know what you mean about relationships.. I’ve found that in my business the better i treat my subscribers and the more helpful I am to recommend quality products and services alot of them free (some of them not) the more I sell… its amazing what you can do when your nice to people, more often than not they will be nice to you..

Anyways, take care


Hi Frank Haywood,

I came to know your know through Alex Jeffreys who is my mentor and tutor as well. Alex speaks praises of you.

As for me I am on a journey to internet marketing and I need all the help I can get and Alex is really good at tutoring us.

All the best