I’ve just completed the last formal coaching call with the 10 people who took up my offer of personal coaching for $997 in January.

The coaching won’t actually end for them, they have my Skype address for one on ones any time I’m around, and we’ll still do call ins every 4-6 weeks.

And I fully expect to do business with all of them eventually as we’re now good friends.

This is what one of them has just said to me:-

Now that we’ve come to the end of the coaching calls, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of them, and for being so genuine and honest!

Yesterday’s call I believe was the most crucial, and I take on board what you said about documenting everything – great tip. It feels like I’ve done loads already and in fact I haven’t even started yet! So I can only imagine the headache for those who are successful to have to re-think how they got there.”

And another one…


You are an absolute STAR. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The 10 guys and gals who got the $997 deal have really got the best of me and I won’t be repeating that deal ever.

They are now amongst the 2 percenters, the people who take action and make money online instead of dreaming about it.

In two posts in February, I said I would take on just 10 more people starting in April.

This new programme will be by email only, Monday to Friday.

Like the other 2 percenters, you’ll get all my business tools and processes for free as they’re released, for as long as you remain on the programme.

You can ask me any question about setting up and running a profitable internet business, and I’ll answer it for you.

The cost for the programme is $300 / month, and under my guidance you may well be earning your full time income from home in 12 months or less. There’s no way I can guarantee that, because you may not take action, but I know that it’s achievable if you apply yourself.

For your money, you’ll get access to me by email Monday – Friday, and I’ll answer your questions within 2 business days.

Join my email coaching programme.

There are 10 slots with 14 people already on the waiting list.

When I announce the programme is open this coming Thursday 24th April, it will be first come first served.

If you are one of the first 10 people to subscribe to a $300 / month payment, you will get a slot. Anyone else will have their money refunded.

As part of this deal, you will also receive all of my business processes as they become available. These business processes alone may well be worth several thousand dollars to you over the coming 12 months.

When the ten places are gone, I may release a further coaching package later in the year.

That later coaching package will be priced at $10,000 / year, again by email only, and probably only answered once a week. I may not include my business tools, or at least only include a smaller selection of them. I will include all my business processes.

This is what Alex Jeffreys of Post Launch Profits has said here on this blog:-

For anyone reading this comment,

I’ve been lucky enough to have had email support from Frank throughout 2007

and the results has added thousands of dollars into my bank.

he has taught me a lot about making money online…

…so if you get the chance to be one of the 10 lucky members GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS,

Thanks for your support Frank.

Alex Jeffreys”

If you’re serious about working from home and running your own profitable internet business, then fill in the form below to stand a chance of getting one of the slots.

-Frank Haywood

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