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Now before you get too turned off with a mention of the word “viral” in the plugin name, just bear with me.  😉

A few weeks ago I came across something that I think is a brilliant idea. People are using this method to drive traffic to their web sites, and it’s really simple to do.

Anyone can do this, even me.

#1 – Create a simple graphic with some text on it that’s useful, controversial or humorous. Preferably all three for the best results.
#2 – Brand the graphic with the domain you want people to visit, or the product you’re promoting, for example an ebook. Again, it’s just text.
#3 – Seed the graphic by uploading it to your Pinterest account with a link back to your site or web page.
#4 – Sit back while people find it, laugh or go “ooh!” and repin it for you.
#5 – Repeat every day or so.

Get it?

There’s a TON of material on the internet where you can get your ideas.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a client who owns a furniture store and web site. Almost certainly there will be plenty of images you can use and then add some text to.

A quick search turned up the following puns.

“Couldn’t Chair Less”
“Carpet-al Punishment”
“Table The Motion”
“Cushion The Blow”
“Sofa So Good”
“Chair-ish The Opportunity”
“It’s A Deep-Seated Problem”

You get the idea I’m sure.  😉

With the Viral Graphics Generator plugin, you can add or edit an existing image, add some of the text above right in WordPress and then pin it on Pinterest. It’s drop-dead easy to do.

You can do this with virtually any topic and it doesn’t have to be a short snippet of text either, you can insert extended notes across multiple lines.

Just to hammer home the point, I saw this done with an ebook and the author had come up with a set of useful rules to complement his book. This image had been repinned almost a million times and I’m sure this generated a LOT of traffic to his ebook.

As I’m going to be releasing some niche ebooks between now and the new year (and some fiction too), doing something like this will help to market them a lot, but as I said you can do this with almost any niche.

The three golden guidelines to make this work are Useful, Controversial, or Humorous, and preferably all three. People WILL repin them and it’s then just a matter of time before they start appearing on FaceBook too.

Like this idea of “hands-off” marketing? I do!  🙂

-Frank Haywood

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