I know videos are all the rage now, but do we have to have videos for everything?

Yes, I’m having a bit of a moan.

Personally I much prefer written docs over videos as I can skim them, look up bits I don’t understand, and generally jump about the way my mind works rather than the slow linear fashion that video forces on you.

With a video, you either watch it all at for me what is always a mind-numbingly slow pace, or try to skim past all the dull bits where the speaker says “now in this box, enter your password.” D’uh.

Then you find the video hangs and will only play if you go back to the beginning…

So I’m in a hurry, I’m trying to get a site up and running for a friend, and he wants a bit of software installing and configuring, (and I’m not even sure that this script is a good idea anyway). And I find the docs are all videos. Aggh!

Don’t get me wrong, videos are good when accompanying written docs, because sometimes it’s far quicker to show people what to do than have them read a book. But not all the time for everything.

Okay moan over. Back to work on one of the hottest days we’ve had this year.

-Frank Haywood