I’ve had a few people write to me over the last 6 months or so asking me what I spend my time on, and where I focus my energies.

It’s difficult to look back and say exactly what and where I spent my time, and then someone asked me if I had a Twitter account.  Well, I’ve been playing a bit with Twitter the last few weeks using a test account (learning the ropes), and I finally decided to create a real live account in my own name.

The way Twitter works is, you get 140 characters to enter in just what you’re doing at that moment in time.  So it’s not a lot of information, but it’s just enough to give people a taster of what you’re doing.  It’s a nice idea.

I have to admit, I really didn’t like the concept of FaceBook when I heard about it, especially their actions with people’s private data, and their initial refusal to delete any of it (European Law changed that).  I’m very glad I didn’t go any further than a test account to find out how much I really didn’t like it.

But as I said Twitter is a nice little idea, and it’s dead easy to use.

So now, if you want to see how I spend my time, you can just check my Twitter to see what I’m doing at that particular point in time.  Hint – it’s not all work…

If you’d find peeking over my shoulder at all interesting, then please just go to my new account at http://twitter.com/FrankHaywood to see what I get up to.  It would be good if you signed up to Twitter yourself and “followed” me to keep up to date with what I’m doing.

I do have to say I won’t keep it religiously up to date (I’m human and I forget stuff), but if there’s enough interest, then maybe I’ll post a little more detail and a little more often.

And maybe if it does become popular, you could tell me what kind of thing would interest you about what I do day to day in my internet business.

-Frank Haywood