First of all I apologise.

As with all things in life, sometimes things don’t go as you’d like them. Right as I paid for the WSO to go live, I had to go out for a few hours (unplanned) and I’ve just got back.

I had the site design done for me and then I added in the bits to make the nickel sale work. It looks great in Dreamweaver, and works perfectly in FireFox which is the browser I use.

I suspect that something has gone wrong with the nickel script, which is also one of mine. We’ve been doing a few changes to it in the last few days, and then checking the results in our favourite browser which is FireFox. As it already worked in IE, I think we must have had a blind spot, and didn’t bother checking to see if it still looked okay in IE.

I’ve just written to my developer to see if he knows why it might be broken and I’m waiting to hear back from him.

Anyone that sent me a message either via PM, email, my blog, my blog contact form, or my help desk (or any other method I’ve forgotten to include here) to say they saw the price was at $n.nn but couldn’t buy will get it at that price.

That’s not an invitation to make a price up and email me now.

Genuine contacts with the right price for the time they contacted me will get it at that price.

I think that’s as fair as I can make it without upsetting too many people.

I unreservedly apologise for this, it obviously wasn’t planned at all, and is a bit of a nightmare. Especially as I’ll be selling the nickel script in a couple of weeks time too!

Please contact me by my help desk, and look if I can’t get back to you as quickly as we’d both like, please trust me that I will. I have a feeling that it will take a bit of unpicking to get it right and make everyone happy.

Help desk –

-Frank Haywood.

Update: I’m very glad to say it wasn’t the fault of the Nickel Script.

I’d set one of the nested tables at 700% instead of 700 pixels. Apparently Dreamweaver and Firefox will compensate for this, but IE just pushes out the other tables to accommodate the 6/7ths of the page that is in the table. D’oh!

That will teach me to always always check out a page in IE before putting it live. I usually do, but this one time…