Update: The sale for ALL THREE Magic Plugins is now live at just $24.00.

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From 6.00pm GMT today and for the 48 hours following, I’ve reduced the prices of three of my nicest plugins – Magic Content Blocks, Magic (Google) Fonts, and Magic Social Blocks to $10 each, OR for the next two days, you can get all three for just $17.

You can click each of the links on the titles to view the original pages on this blog and also get to the individual “buy” buttons there.

Magic Content Blocks allows you create attractive pre-defined content such as ads which you can then add to your posts and pages with a click. You can then change wherever the ad on your site appears just by changing the ad content once and it then cascades across all usages. A real time saver.

Magic (Google) Fonts lets you add any of the 600+ Google web fonts to your pages and posts. There are also some pre-defined effects that you can select from to make them really stand out, such as a “dark glow”, “green shadow” or “emboss” effect, plus some others.

Finally, Magic Social Blocks makes it easy for you to add SEVEN different kinds of blocks to your blogs that are all able to display social network buttons plus a little bit more.

For each block there are three different styles to choose from, and you can edit fonts and text colour. You can create as many of each block as you need, all with different content inside. For every block you create, there are three layouts generated. One for insertion into posts and pages, one for widgetised areas (sidebars), and one that’s a slide-in popup that gets triggered when your visitor scrolls down the page. You can select which slide-in you want to use from the ones you create.

So there we have it, three cracking plugins normally at least $17 each, on sale for $17 for ALL of them and after 6.00pm GMT, the buy button will appear.

And if you only want one of them, I’ve dropped the price to $10 each and you can get to the buy button for each one on the links above.

All with full developer (client/flipper) licences.

Something for everybody here I think.Β  πŸ˜‰

-Frank Haywood