I guarantee that what you’re about to read will both upset you and paradoxically also make you feel better about your internet business.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you how right now as you read this you’re losing money hand over fist, and how you can correct that with a few simple steps.

I’m going to show you by using 3 key learning points (plus a couple of bonus points for good measure) and to whet your appetite I’m going to leak part of the whole lesson here today.

Included in this leaked info is one of the bonus learning points. I don’t think I’m spoiling the fun for tomorrow by giving you this today, this is just to set the mood and prepare you for what’s coming.

*** Begin Leaked Text ***

First of all, if you’re marketing online then whatever niche you work in you should be building a list of subscribers. And assuming that you are, you should be making them a great offer the moment they sign up because this tactic definitely works.

Secondly, I want to hammer this principle home in numbers just so you understand the potential.

Assuming you can grow your mailing list by a modest 300 new subscribers per month (if not I’ll explain how to do that and more shortly), and that you make all your new subscribers a great special offer that sells for $67.

With a typical 1% conversion rate, you could earn:-

3 sales at $67 = $201 / month
$201 x 12 months = $2,412 / year

For just a few hours work that you did ONCE, you’ve added $2,412 / year to your income. Every year.

With a little testing and tweaking of the sales copy and offer, you can get most pages up to 3% in just a few weeks and it’s certainly worth the small amount of effort to do this.

Bonus Learning PointIncidentally, most people ignore trying to increase their conversions, when it’s the easiest thing to do of all.Imagine spending a few hours working on increasing your conversion from 1% to 3% and giving yourself a pay rise of 300% in the process.

Most people bash their brains out trying to get more traffic.

Not me. Not until I have the conversion figure up where I want it.

So, just to really bang that bonus learning point home, get your conversion up to 2% and the numbers look like this:-

6 sales at $67 = $402 / month
$402 x 12 months = $4,824 / year

Nearly five grand a year for a few hours work

Sound like a good deal? Well, I hope I’ve convinced you it makes sense to do this.

And how important it is to get everything in place as fast as you can, because the longer you leave it the more money you’re losing.

*** End Leaked Text ***

Okay, that’s enough. I hope you can already see that that the info I’m going to release for you tomorrow is dynamite for your internet business.

Incidentally, even though I said it’s possible to earn “five grand for a few hours work”, I’m also going to show you how to shortcut the few hours and make it more like an hour.

Well there’s no sense in making any of this difficult is there?

More tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood