Amin Motin
The lifeblood of every website. Without traffic of some kind, your website is the loneliest place in the world. And you’re not going to make much money off it at all.

So how can you get people to your website?

Well, when you start looking into this question you’ll see that there are dozens of techniques, but mastering all of them will send your head spinning.

Let me talk to you about one technique which will not only bring you traffic, but it will also make you some money into the bargain.  It’s called…  Selling PLR.


Sell some PLR material. You’ll make some money and you’ll get some traffic, too. This technique works with unrestricted PLR material, so make sure you have completely unrestricted rights before trying this.

Ok, let me put some flesh on the bones here because there’s more to it than just selling a bit of PLR. What you have to do is take note of a basic human habit. The habit is of doing as little as possible. It’s human nature the world over and it’s key to this traffic generation tactic.

You know that many people are basically lazy and don’t go out of their way to look for extra work. And you probably also know that PLR material is popular because it removes a lot of the effort required to get a product up and running. So you combine those two things with your own self-promotion.

In every PLR product you sell put a list of resources somewhere in each element of the package. In the readme.txt for articles, or the appendix of an ebook, for example. In the list of resources make sure you have valuable and useful links, such as for Winzip, or WinRAR, Adobe Acrobat Reader and so on. And then intersperse links for your own products, sites, or services.  Don’t hype them up too much. Just put them in as part of the recommended resources.

By doing it that way you give more credibility to your own sites because they’re not shown as blatant plugs with a mini sales page. They’re shown as what they are, valuable resources.

For anyone with a bit of graphic ability you can go even further. You can edit the graphics you have in the PLR material to put a discreet mention of your url in the footer graphic of ready made websites, for example.

I can tell you right now that of the people who take any action with the PLR material you sell, the vast majority won’t take the time to go through it, edit it all, change the graphics, re-word articles and so on.

In fact many of them won’t even put their own name on any sales pages!

They’re far more likely to put it up as it is, or sell it on to others.  That means that everyone who buys your PLR material is actively promoting you and your sites.

If they sell the material on to someone else, the whole cycle begins again.

You won’t get huge percentages of people turning into customers that way, but you will have a growing network of referral points that will build steadily over time for you. And if you choose something fairly timeless you could be seeing benefits for years to come.

The best part is that you make some money doing it.

Here’s a rough guide for how useful this is for you. Of every 100 people who read this post, maybe (just maybe) 1 or 2 will take some action on it.  They will reap the benefits of the technique.

The other 99 out of every 100 will be the group that ends up doing the promoting for savvy marketers. And they’ll be paying those savvy marketers to do so.

One thing you should absolutely do is provide good value on the sites you promote this way. If you include worthless sites in the resources section you’ll find your credibility drops every time a new person sees them.

You only benefit if you genuinely offer something worth having so don’t be tempted to promote sites with no value to them.

Next time you get hold of an unrestricted PLR package, be one of the .5% that will actually do anything with it and add some suitable links of your own, before reselling rights to it.

And if you really want to turn it up a notch, why not include a list of places where your customers can sell it on easily?

Make it simple for everyone, beginners included, to make some money with your PLR package. They’ll be back for more before you know it and you’ll be getting your sites and services in front of new potential customers.

-Amin Motin