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Like Plus 48 Hour Sale

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Today at 6.00pm I’m running a 48 hour sale for the newly updated Like Plus plugin. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I first released it with FaceBook only support. The latest version (v1.3.0) now also has G+, Twitter and Pinterest built in too – all optionally selectable.

If you purchased Like Plus last year then go back to your download page and grab the new version with the new features built in.

If you don’t have it, then today’s your chance to pick it up with all the new stuff for just $10.  🙂

What does it do?

Like Plus is what’s called a content locker.

You can hide snippets (or even lots) of content from your posts and pages until someone gives you a FB Like, a G+, a Tweet, or Pins an image on Pinterest. Now that last one isn’t totally working 100% the way it’s supposed to because Pinterest don’t yet have an API that will do a callback to confirm the pin, so use it at your own discretion. All the others work as you’d expect them to.

When your visitor clicks one of the buttons, the plugin Likes, Pluses or Tweets the pre-defined text you set in the admin panel. The content they want to see is then revealed to them, and this could be any HTML including text, graphics, video or whatever.

But it won’t be revealed until AFTER your visitor clicks one of the buttons.

So what kind of content would you hide? Well, any killer offer you can come up with.


So your visitor clicks the Like button on your post or page for a ZIP or PDF or whatever it is you’re offering, and ONLY then can they get at what they’re after.

In return, YOU get a new “Like” etc, which is then publicly displayed on the service they’re using…


I’m sure you can straight away see the potential of making your blog viral?  Hence the evil laugh.  😉

Their friends will see what they “Liked”, and some of them will click. Some of them will “Like” it too  in order to get at your hidden goodie. And it will then appear on their wall and their friends feeds… And so on.

You’d use it in conjunction with some killer offer you come up with to get people to Like it for you. Here’s the sequence of events for someone using a FaceBook Like:-

#1 – Your visitor likes the post and the content reveals itself – it could be a link to download a report they want.

#2 – In the background the Like then appears on their wall / feed.

#3 – Their friends then get to see they’ve Liked something and may click the link to see what it is.

#4 – They read the offer and decide they want it too.

#5 – They Like it. Goto #1.

Viral, yes? 😉

However, you need to use it judiciously. If you put it on every single post and page then it will almost immediately lose its effect. People won’t want to “Like” everything on your blog.

What you need to do is set up a killer offer on a page or post. Something really good. Something where visitors will go “Yeah! I want! I Like!”


The 48 hour sale begins here today 9th October at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

-Frank Haywood

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