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18 months ago in January of 2007, I had a chat with a friend of mine about how to easily monetise web sites and increase revenue to our internet business.

Most people just use Google AdSense, but I’ve never been convinced that was a viable method as the rewards were too low. I like to see tens of dollars per day, not cents, so it’s never appealed to me, and you’ll never see AdSense on any of my sites.

I know lots of people agree with me on that one, and I read just a couple of weeks ago how someone said they were “blind to them”, and how she filtered them out without even thinking. I’ve even seen AdSense written as “Add Cents” which just about sums it up.

Anyway, in this chat, we had a few ideas, and I even asked one of my developers to have a think about one of the methods, but nothing came of it at the time and it got put away.

Then in about November of last year, there was one of those breakthrough moments. Suddenly we had a method that would work and was almost as easy as AdSense to use.

But instead of Google getting the lion’s share of the advertising revenue, we could have it all instead. That’s MUCH more appealing to everyone.

After all, these are our web sites so why should we share the advertising revenue with a third party? That doesn’t really make sense does it?

Why would you want to give 80% of the advertisers revenue to a middle man? Okay, 5 or 10 percent maybe, but not most of it. That’s just taking the mickey.

You might say “AdSense is easy”. So what? The ease of use should mean you give up the majority of the income? I don’t think so.

Food for thought eh?

So anyway, work started on a script that has changed names a couple of times, and has ended up as being called AdSpurt.

Just like AdSense, you paste a couple of lines of javascript code onto your web site. Once you’ve done that, there’s a little bit of extra work to be done in the admin panel of this site liberating script.

This is how it works.

You enter your keywords into the admin panel, enter your affiliate link to the product you’re promoting, and specify which style of ad is to be shown, there are two to choose from.

Now, wherever the keywords appear on your web site, it automatically gets turned into a link. One kind of link is a “normal” link with your affiliate ID embedded inside it, and the other is a “hover ad” which you can easily identify as a double underlined link.

This means you can take any site you own with content on it, for instance a blog like this one, and monetise it with the high performing ads that you choose.

You earn ALL the commission, there’s no middle man to take your share of the advertising revenue.

Excited yet?

It gets better.

We’ve added the ability to search the ClickBank market place from within the admin panel, choose a product, enter your keywords, click “Create New Ad”, and immediately include the ads on your web site.

AdSpurt will ask for your ClickBank ID during install, so all the ads automatically get generated with your own affiliate link embedded.

For your convenience, we’ve also included a clever proxy script which will allow you to run multiple sites from the same AdSpurt installation and admin panel.

In addition, if you’ve created several ads using the same keywords, then they get automatically rotated so that different ads are shown each time. And looking at it from the other direction, you can also create multiple keywords for the same ads.

Simply put, that’s multiple ads per keyword, and multiple keywords per ad.

Finally and for good measure, to tie this all up we’ve also included a stats page where you can see how well each ad / keyword set is doing, allowing you to split test and find the best performing products. You can download this data as a CSV for further analysis.


NOW are you excited? I am!

The possibilities are limitless, and I’ll be working on a bonus product for this that’s almost as good as AdSpurt itself. I know the method works, I just have to write it up.

Imagine this. Create a blog on your niche subject. Populate it (completely legitimately) with brand new articles on your niche topic from article sites. Write a few of your own articles and submit them yourself to article directories. Add your keywords to AdSpurt, and watch the traffic come rolling in.

Keep adding articles from article sites, and over time your blog will be recognised as an authority site. It may take a while, although there are a few short cuts you can do.

Rinse and repeat with your next niche.

Sounds good? Yeah, I know the finding and adding articles is a bit of a pain, but what if you knew how to semi-automate that process? Well, there is a way, and that’s the bonus I’ll include. Actually there are several ways, but they all involve buying extra scripts – I’ll show you how you can do it using software you already have on your PC.

Now although AdSpurt is complete, I won’t be launching it for another month or so, and when I do it will be at $47 for a short while, eventually rising to $97.

But of course, I need some testimonials and a bit of feedback about the product, so here’s what I’ll do.

I’ve just received the final working version of AdSpurt which I’m playing with right now, and in return for some feedback from you, I’ll give it to you for a short time for a much lower price.

I’ve yet to decide when and how I’ll do it, but you’ll be the first to know about it here on this blog.

ONLY subscribers to this blog will get the details as I’ll be putting them in a good old password protected post. If you want to subscribe, go to the home page and over on the right near the top you can enter your name end email address.

-Frank Haywood

(DO I have to say it? Oh okay then. DON’T use your ISP or a free email address to subscribe. The chances of you getting a business email through your providers mail filters are next to nil. Use an email address off one of your web sites instead.)

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