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Demo Site

That’s a bit of a strange name I know, but I think it sums up how the plugin works very nicely.

What it does is actively keep your visitor on your site longer in a completely white hat way.

o Unlike other plugins that use a proprietary algorithm that you can’t control, you get to control which posts are related via the use of standard WP tags.
o Create multiple related posts and recently viewed content via the sidebar widgets and shortcodes.
o You can optionally choose to show titles, images and excerpts.
o You can set default numbers of posts to display.
o Works with your existing tags so no need for any extra work to set up.
o Widgets add related content to any sidebar or footer.
o Shortcode puts related or recently viewed posts on any page or post.
o Your visitors can quickly see the posts they’ve read and related content they might find interesting.
o Examples of use might be (and not limited to) review blogs, affiliate sites, or any website that you’re monetising in some way, or using to build a list.

It’s well known that the longer someone spends on a page, the more likely they are to take the action that you want them to. That would for example typically be to buy, to share or to subscribe.

The same is true if you keep someone on a site for as long as possible. They’re far more likely to subscribe if they find what they’re looking for on your site, and if that’s several examples of what they’re interested in, then they’ll go for it.

The plugin does two key things.

#1 – It enables you to display to the reader content that is related to the post they’ve just viewed.

#2 – It enables you to display content that they’ve recently viewed, allowing them to easily get back to the content they’ve just been looking at.

You can present this content in your sidebars via two new widgets, and / or present it on specific pages and posts via the use of a shortcode.

The best bit is that unlike other plugins that only do part of what Recently Related does, it lets YOU decide what content is related by the use of tags.

What I mean by that is, every other plugin I’ve seen (that only does the related posts thing) uses an inbuilt method to decide what’s related. In other words you have no control whatsoever on what’s displayed to the viewer.

By using tags to identify related content, you get full control.  😉

The recently viewed content comes into play when your visitor returns to your site to find what they were looking at before.

Or maybe they’ve been working their way through a few posts. This just makes it very easy for them to get back to where they were.


-Frank Haywood

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