BREAKING NEWS – Google AdSense is replaced by PPP

I know a lot of people use AdSense to monetise their sites, but here’s something that looks WAY better than AdSense, and you get paid just for people viewing your pages, NOT for clicking adverts.


Traditional Google AdSense…

I have a friend with a network of sites who is making an average $100 / day. Although his traffic is constant, his income varies because of the number of clicks he gets on his Google ads.

And of course he has no way of knowing whether Google is paying him correctly as he doesn’t know which ads are being clicked or what the price is. Just like you, he has to take Google at their word.

Pay Per Play (PPP)…

Well, here’s a brand new (so new it hasn’t even launched yet) method of gaining income just by people VIEWING your pages. No clicks required…

That means if you use this method on your sites, you know you’re going to be earning for EVERY visitor for EVERY page.

It works just like AdSense, all you do is paste a snippet of code on each page you want to monetise. You can even continue to run AdSense on your sites if you want to (or something better).

I’m sure this is going to hit the net just like AdSense did when it was launched a few years ago. And just like it was with AdSense, the early adopters will make a killing.

Now I know you might be sceptical (I certainly was), but it will only take you 5 minutes to check this new technology out and decide if it’s for you.

I’m SURE you’ll be seeing this everywhere shortly.


Posted by Frank Haywood in internet business