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How To Succeed In 2012

That’s a bit of a grand title isn’t it? The fact is, the majority of hopeful onliners won’t succeed in 2012.  My personal estimate is that 99% will be in the same situation as they are now or worse by … Continue reading

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Make $3,000 Every Two Weeks From PLR

I know I could do with a bit of a refresher – we ALL need coaching – so I’m signing up to it myself .

If you want a bit of background to this, about six months ago, he wrote a post on the Warrior Forum that became one of the most read and commented on posts ever.

He outlined his personal system for making $3,000 every two weeks from private label products (and not just ebooks, but other plr products as well, including software and scripts).

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More Of The Same in 2008? Or Your Freedom?

There is no way ANYONE who doesn’t want to, has to “hold down” a job any more. The world has changed, and is changing even more every day. Cottage industries have sprung up yet again as we go through another communication revolution.

Whole business models and new organisations have come into being to service the needs of people like me. And you too if you want.

From my perspective, I’m becoming one of the New Rich, and I’m not talking about money for money’s sake here either. I’m talking about the freedom I now have that I didn’t have before.

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Personal Coaching Course Now Open

I’ve opened the doors to my personal coaching programme. I’m giving readers of my blog a four hour head start on taking the fifteen slots before opening it up to my other mailing lists. That’s all there is to say … Continue reading

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Mailing List – From Zero to Thousands

Remember in an earlier post I said that 18 months ago I didn’t have much of a clue, and I certainly didn’t have a mailing list. Okay, I had a few people I’d gathered together, but there were so few I don’t count that as having the kind of list you’d call a list.

I then started list building about 15 months ago, maybe a little less. Here’s the screen shot that I’ve just taken inside my Aweber account. Continue reading

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