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Writing Experiment

I’m doing a bit of an experiment in blogging.  (And I also wanted somewhere I could just write for pleasure, about me and mine.) One of the things that marketers always want more of, is traffic.  The idea is, the … Continue reading

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AutoBlog Plugin Questions Answered

After all the interest in my last post about autoblogging, and all the questions too, I’ve had a bit of a rethink about it. I now realise that for most people, just releasing the plugin and docs isn’t going to … Continue reading

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Autoblogging, Bottle Sterilisers and Mankinis

Way back in February… no let’s go further than that.  A couple of years ago, I began investigating autoblogging as a potential earner.  In February I actually started doing something about it. You might now be saying to yourself “what’s … Continue reading

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Monetise ANY Website

This is how it works.

You enter your keywords into the admin panel, enter your affiliate link to the product you’re promoting, and specify which style of ad is to be shown, there are two to choose from.

Now, wherever the keywords appear on your web site, it automatically gets turned into a link. One kind of link is a “normal” link with your affiliate ID embedded inside it, and the other is a “hover ad” which you can easily identify as a double underlined link.

This means you can take any site you own with content on it, for instance a blog like this one, and monetise it with the high performing ads that you choose.

You earn ALL the commission, there’s no middle man to take your share of the advertising revenue.

Excited yet?

It gets better.

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ClickBank Niche Builder – Nickel Sale Now Live

I’m sorry to all those who’ve asked, I’ve had some urgent personal things to take care of that have caused the delay with the launch. Family come first, right? Anyway, here’s the link you’ve been after:- http://www.flipthisproduct.com/cbnichebuilder/ Thanks for your … Continue reading

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