Focus Your Efforts, And Watch Your Income Increase

Lots of people have trouble creating a product and then getting it all set up for sale.

A lot of the time it’s because they get distracted and lose focus or even have a better idea and end up dropping what they were working on.  I know because I’ve been there, read the book, seen the film and got the t-shirt.

Maybe you’ve had the same problem.

The good news is it’s easily fixable once you have good reasons for wanting to fix it, and I think I’ve got the answer for you.  This should help you keep focussed by giving you a tangible incentive to do so.

Take a look at this video on 30 Day Projects and let me know what you think.

-Frank Haywood

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How To Fail Without Trying

Jan Evensen is one of the ten students on my coaching programme.

A couple of weeks ago, we did a session on focus and the importance when you’re starting out in your internet business, to give yourself very focussed 30 day projects.

Thirty days to complete a project and end up with your own saleable product is more than enough time to do everything.  In fact, I proved you could actually do it in a day, and have a sales page and autoresponders set up without a problem.

That is, once you’ve done it a few times and it becomes second nature to you.

Giving yourself 30 days to begin with is a good idea, especially if you have a day time job and have to fit in your product creation time in the evenings.  However, you shouldn’t spend much more than the first seven days to create your product.

You should spend another 5-7 days writing your sales page, setting up your site flow, and making sure your autoresponder sequence is set up correctly.

Then you should think about traffic.  If you don’t have your own mailing lists, or a regularly visited blog like this one, then you will need some time to find and write to potential JV partners.  You will probably get a ten percent response with a well worded email.

Any remaining time after that would be well spent working on your blog, and in the process doing things like linking to other related blogs, visiting other blogs and making relevant comments.

And blogging aside, generally setting things up for launch.

But the first thing you should do is make the decisions to see it all through, and set a deadline.

If you have a deadline, it will focus your thoughts as you get closer and closer to it, and realise that there are things you still have to do.  The basic list I’ve outlined above will get bigger as you get nearer to the date, and start getting contact from JV partners.

If you don’t have a deadline, then you’ll find yourself putting things back “just a few days”, which then turns into a week, two weeks and more…

Back to Jan Evensen.  He now deeply understands the importance of making a plan and sticking to it.

Jan has made a wonderfully ironic post which shows that without focus, how quickly your precious time and money can disappear, just by checking your email.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, everybody’s done it.

A quick read through your email, and suddenly you’re on a sales page clicking the order button before you even know what’s happened.

Take the time out now and stop for a few moments to ask yourself how you can stop this from happening to you again. It’s not hard, it just takes a little self-discipline.

-Frank Haywood

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Why Lack Of Focus is Killing Your Success

Ready?  Focus.

This is how I had it explained to me, and once I realised what I’d been doing, then I also realised that I can’t possibly be the only one…

You’re the captain of a boat.   You’ve decided that you’re going to navigate yourself to a beautiful tropical island and enjoy the sun and all the treasures that await you.   So off you go.

After a week or so, you hear on the radio about a newly discovered island that’s even better than the one you were heading for.   It will add a little extra time to your journey, but sounds well worth it so you change course.

Three weeks later, yet another beautiful island is all the talk on the radio.  People are having a fantastic time there, and it sounds almost too good to be true.  But you can’t risk missing out, and it’s only an extra month away.  So you change course.

But two weeks later…

You get the picture? Long before you arrive anywhere, you’re out of supplies and you’re dead in the water.

If only you’d stuck to your original destination, you’d be there by now.   I bet you’ve done this – I’ve certainly been guilty of chasing the next best thing.

And yet there are old, well known methods of making a success of it online.  And you can see them at the top of my blog.

Product Creation, Traffic, List Building, Automation = Internet Business.

It’s not rocket science.  I’m not saying it’s always easy (I’ll leave that to the people who are selling the next best thing) but it IS very simple.

Of course there are variations, and in time you can get very clever at it, but the basic principles will never change.

So.  Pick a destination.  Point your boat at it, and keep going until you get there.

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