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Easy Money, Guaranteed

I often get a comment left when someone unsubscribes from a mailing list. They fall into two main categories.

#1 – I’m cutting down all my subscriptions. Overload!
#2 – You loser, spammer, scammer, and worse.

But every so often, I’ll get someone say something like…

“I’ve been trying for 6 months now, and all that’s happened is I’ve spent a load of money.”

Well yes, that’s one way of going about business. Give it a half hearted attempt, spend a load of money thinking it’s going to make a difference, and then give up when the magic doesn’t happen.

I blame the marketers out there that promise things like “Try my ABC system and you’ll be able to give up your job in just 30 days from now!”

Oh really! Come on! If it were really that easy, you think anyone would tell you?

They’d just keep the method to themselves and scale it up.

They’d hire a load of employees and make them do all the work for a salary, keeping the lion’s share to themselves. That’s how real businesses do it and you already know it without me telling you.

So why do so many people fall for the “get rich quick” scams? And not just once, but over and over?

There are multiple reasons, but I’ll just cover the one here today.

It’s easier to buy a product and FEEL you’ve done something to build your internet business than it is to actually DO something to build your business.

I’m right aren’t I?

I know I am because that’s exactly what I’ve done in the past.

There’s nothing wrong with buying knowledge.

It’s how I make my living, and it’s also something I do myself on a regular basis. I spend a lot of money on my own education in the form of online courses, processes and procedures I’m unsure of, books which I get from either Play.com or Amazon.com, and so on.

But once I have the knowledge, I stop buying and I start doing.

Here today, I’m going to give you my condensed 7 step course in how to make money online…

#1 – Create a product.
#2 – Put up a sales page.
#3 – Drive traffic to it.
#4 – Build your mailing list.
#5 – Make some sales.
#6 – Automate it all.

and the vital last one…

#7 – Repeat.

There’s an even more condensed version up at the top of the home page of this blog.

Product Creation, Traffic, List Building, Automation = Internet Business

It’s as simple as that.

No, it’s not easy. Real business isn’t. You already know that.

A real business is built from sustained effort. Not from buying stuff for 6 months and then giving up.

But what it is, is it’s GUARANTEED to work.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. The title of this post is a hat tip to someone who gets it so much he’s parodied it (hi Peter). Just Google it…

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