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Personal One On One Coaching Part 2

I had lots of replies and kind words to my last blog post about my depression a few years ago. In that post I said I’d tell you why I made it.  It’s important. With me, it was my trial … Continue reading

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2012 Personal Coaching Programme

After many requests for help I’ve received from people this year about how to set up their sites, how to create a product, how to outsource it, how to build a mailing list etc, I’m finally able to offer a … Continue reading

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Want To Be One Of The 2 Percent?

If you are one of the first 10 people to subscribe to a $300 / month payment, you will get a slot. Anyone else will have their money refunded.

As part of this deal, you will also receive all of my business processes as they become available. These business processes alone may well be worth several thousand dollars to you over the coming 12 months.

When the ten places are gone, I may release a further coaching package later in the year.

That later coaching package will be priced at $10,000 / year, again by email only, and probably only answered once a week. I may not include my business tools, or at least only include a smaller selection of them. I will include all my business processes.

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2% Own All The Worlds Wealth

I remember reading a report just over 12 months ago that said that 2% of the worlds population owned more than 50% of the total world wealth, and that people in the top 5% owned pretty much most of it.

I also read a short report on a study by (I think, not sure) the London School of Economics that said if all the estimated world wealth were to be divided equally, then it would amount to about £10,000 ($20,000) for every man woman and child alive at the time.

The report went on to say that if the money were actually given out in that way, ie level the playing field for everybody, then in 10 years or less, 2% of the worlds population would own the best part of it.

If you’ve decided to take action, then why not join my email coaching?

There are 10 slots with 9 people already on the waiting list from a post I made three weeks ago.

When I announce the opening, it will be first come first served.

The first 10 people on that list to subscribe to a $300 / month payment will get a slot.

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How To Succeed

Because I know that some people who take their businesses seriously will continue to want to discuss their business with me, I’ve decided to take a limited number of email only coaching students.

Under my guidance, you may well be earning your full time income from home in 12 months or less. I can’t guarantee that as I don’t know you or your capabilities, but I know it’s achievable for most people who apply themselves, once they know what to do.

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