Easy Money, Guaranteed

I often get a comment left when someone unsubscribes from a mailing list. They fall into two main categories.

#1 – I’m cutting down all my subscriptions. Overload!
#2 – You loser, spammer, scammer, and worse.

But every so often, I’ll get someone say something like…

“I’ve been trying for 6 months now, and all that’s happened is I’ve spent a load of money.”

Well yes, that’s one way of going about business. Give it a half hearted attempt, spend a load of money thinking it’s going to make a difference, and then give up when the magic doesn’t happen.

I blame the marketers out there that promise things like “Try my ABC system and you’ll be able to give up your job in just 30 days from now!”

Oh really! Come on! If it were really that easy, you think anyone would tell you?

They’d just keep the method to themselves and scale it up.

They’d hire a load of employees and make them do all the work for a salary, keeping the lion’s share to themselves. That’s how real businesses do it and you already know it without me telling you.

So why do so many people fall for the “get rich quick” scams? And not just once, but over and over?

There are multiple reasons, but I’ll just cover the one here today.

It’s easier to buy a product and FEEL you’ve done something to build your internet business than it is to actually DO something to build your business.

I’m right aren’t I?

I know I am because that’s exactly what I’ve done in the past.

There’s nothing wrong with buying knowledge.

It’s how I make my living, and it’s also something I do myself on a regular basis. I spend a lot of money on my own education in the form of online courses, processes and procedures I’m unsure of, books which I get from either or, and so on.

But once I have the knowledge, I stop buying and I start doing.

Here today, I’m going to give you my condensed 7 step course in how to make money online…

#1 – Create a product.
#2 – Put up a sales page.
#3 – Drive traffic to it.
#4 – Build your mailing list.
#5 – Make some sales.
#6 – Automate it all.

and the vital last one…

#7 – Repeat.

There’s an even more condensed version up at the top of the home page of this blog.

Product Creation, Traffic, List Building, Automation = Internet Business

It’s as simple as that.

No, it’s not easy. Real business isn’t. You already know that.

A real business is built from sustained effort. Not from buying stuff for 6 months and then giving up.

But what it is, is it’s GUARANTEED to work.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. The title of this post is a hat tip to someone who gets it so much he’s parodied it (hi Peter). Just Google it…

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Personal Coaching Programme – part 2

I promised an announcement today about my coaching programme, but rather than just jump in with both feet, I thought I’d take the time out first to explain a few things.

I’d like you to see where I’ve come from and how I’ve managed to do it in a very short amount of time.

If you follow what I’ve done in the same way that I’ve followed in the footsteps of others before me, then you’ll achieve the same benefits. It’s as simple as that.

First though, I think it’s important you know what the four key elements of my coaching programme will be, and why by following what I’ve done, you’ll be set on the road to success, but in a far shorter time than it took me.

Notice I’ve said you’ll be on the road to success. No hype here, just the truth. I could have said something like “follow my footsteps and make incredible amounts of money faster than you would have believed possible!”, but that’s just not my style.

And it’s really not necessary to do that either. You can see through fluff like that just like I can, and it’s insulting to read isn’t it?


Based on MY experience and research, the four key elements to a successful online business are:-

1) Product Creation.
2) Traffic.
3) List Building.
4) Automation.

Inside each of these are other lesser items which are still important, but these are really the keys to anyones success. For instance, inside product creation and even before the actual product creation takes place, is market research. After all, it’s no use creating a great product if no-one wants it.

Each of these four elements interact with each other at different levels. For instance, you can automate the first three elements. Or you can use your list for market research to feed product creation, and then sell the product they want straight back to them.


Now let’s take a look at where I was 18 months ago in the Summer of 2006. No product. No list. No clue. No nothing…

I had an idea of what I needed to do, but no real proof. I’d spent the previous 12 months fighting through all the crap about “how to make money online”.

And I didn’t know where to start. I had the idea of SmartDD niggling at me as I could see the gap in the market where other products didn’t fit the bill. But how to get started?

Things changed for me in August when I bought a ticket to go to a marketing seminar about 10 miles from where I live, in September. My wife was flabbergasted. She knew how wary I was of events like this, but I could see no immediate way forward without taking a chance and attending.

There I met some people who were just like me. Some had products, some didn’t. Some had lists, some didn’t. But we all had the same intent to succeed online.

There I met a whole bunch of people, some who became friends I talk to daily.

I also signed up to a… wait for it… coaching programme.

It cost me $6,000, and was the best money I have EVER spent. Even better than the $6,000 that I’d spent buying stock a couple of years or so before, and that I turned into $36,000 in six weeks.

The coaching really has meant that much to me, and accelerated my learning to the point where I actually KNOW what I’m doing, and what will work and what won’t, what the benefits and pitfalls are, and why.


It still isn’t as good as it should be. Because what their programme does is to teach general marketing methods. There’s no step by step detail to follow, and that’s what I really needed, and I’m sure that’s what you want too.

There’s been nobody there for me to turn to that was prepared to get close enough to what I was doing for them to say “do this, do that”, and that’s what I was after. (I did get some of that, but from my mastermind group, not directly from the coaching programme.)

What I’m going to be doing differently is show you exactly what it is you need to do, every little step of the way.

When you have me taking you by the hand and explaining every little detail, how can you fail?

My promise to you is (and I don’t make promises lightly), that at the end of 60 days, you will have created at least one product, have an autoresponder and a web site set up, and know how to drive traffic to it.

Maybe even more importantly, you will also know what not to do. I see plenty of web sites with the same mistakes being made.

Here’s a good example… confusing the buyer.

I see sites that on a single page try to sell something, try to get a buyer to sign up to a mailing list, have links off to other products, and worse still have AdSense running as well.

What do you think the outcome is of a mess like that?

Don’t get me wrong. In some cases it’s appropriate to have a centralised site such as a blog (like this one), but you shouldn’t try to directly sell off the main site. Send your traffic to the sales page for your product.


Once you know how to do the right things your success is guaranteed. And I’ll show you what to do, step by step.

On Tuesday the 18th of December at 9.30 EST, I’ll give you a link to the home page of my coaching programme. There you’ll find all the detail of the programme and be able to sign up.

There will be NO HYPE on that page.

This is your chance to start 2008 with a plan, and the proper learning you need to begin your successful internet business.

It will be the best money you have ever spent.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you more detail, and explain the marketing funnel and how it will work for you.

On Sunday, I’ll show you a video inside my Aweber account. Remember I said 18 months ago I didn’t have a list? Well 15 months ago I started building one, and about 11 months ago I realised how vitally important it was to build a list as quickly as possible.

On Monday, I’ll explain why lack of focus is killing your chances of success, and what you can easily do to fix that.

On Tuesday, well… you know what happens on Tuesday.

If you don’t want to miss any of these posts, then I suggest you sign up to my blog post notification list. You’ll find the sign up box at the top right.

Until tomorrow…

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