adding the menus back to thunderbird

Project Email Part 6

A lot of people are enjoying this series and I’d just like to say thank you for the positive feedback and questions so far. There have been some good comments that have prompted me to make notes and make this series better. Please keep it up as it prompts me to keep going.  🙂

Eventually I’ll move on to the bit that I know some people are waiting for and that’s broadcast email and autoresponders, and getting your email through the filters and delivered into inboxes.

But for today, I’ve created a short video that shows a small tweak to ThunderBird which I think is crucial, and I also show off the same concept that has made FireFox so popular – addons.

There are a couple which I believe are most useful and that you’ll want to add to ThunderBird when you see them. If there are any that you find that you think are worth sharing then please let me know by leaving a comment.

-Frank Haywood  <== Click this for a list of all Project Email posts.

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