Update: The sale starting at $10.00 for the first 25 copies of the Subscribers Only plugin for WordPress is now live. Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT, I’m running a sale for a very cool little plugin called Subscribers Only. It’s designed to boost the number of WP subscribers to your self-hosted WordPress blogs and I’m going to be using it quite a lot very shortly to do just that.

When a visitor views a page or post with protected content on it then they’ll see something like this:-


In the screen shot above they can see the first section and the last sentence. In order for them to see the hidden content in the middle then they have to subscribe by following one the links. They’ll then see what they couldn’t see before:-


Is that cool or what?

It’s very easy to set up too, just a little bit of copy and paste.



More subscribers means more customers.

THE most important thing we have to do as business owners is gather subscribers names and email addresses, and many of us have an autoresponder setup of some sort to help us with that.

An “out of the box” WP installation supports the idea of subscribers to your blog – let’s call them WP subscribers to differentiate them from autoresponder subscribers.

This plugin directly helps you to add more WP subscribers to your blogs. Once they’re there, then you can export and import into your autoresponder. (There’s more I want to talk about that quite soon too – it’s all change and there’s some exciting stuff coming your way.)


Getting WP subscribers can be a little bit of a problem for most people – you need to give visitors a real incentive to become WP subscribers, and many site owners aren’t sure of the best way to do this.

WP sort of helps you to do this by including an option where you can only allow people to leave a comment if they first register as a WP subscriber.

But all that seems to do is is stop people from leaving a comment altogether unless it’s really in their interest to do so.  A lot of blog owners are using this to prevent spam, so it’s not really working as it was originally intended.

Now wouldn’t it be good if you had a method of getting people to subscribe in order to read your posts? Sort of like a WordPress Membership. But the only problem with that is somehow getting people enthusiastic enough to subscribe, especially if they can’t read ANYTHING until they do.

There’s no way of them sampling your articles first, and of course if everything is hidden behind a membership, then you lose all the nice SEO effects of having plenty of content on your site.

What you really need is a method of hiding some of the content so that people can read part of an article, get hooked in, and then only be able to read the juicy bits by first becoming a subscriber.


This concept is DYNAMITE.

Imagine this.

You write a post or a page that explains how important it is to do something – the WHY – but then leave out the crucial bit that explains the method of doing it – the HOW.

All they see is a message saying something like “This content is for Subscribers Only”.

Get it?

The only way that people can read that missing content is if they follow the link and join as WP Subscribers, then once they’re logged in they can see all the hidden content.

Do you see the power of that?

Anybody that’s read the first half of an article will almost always want to read the second half. In fact you don’t even need to withold half the content, you can do it with just a paragraph as long as it has the information in that they want to know about.

And inquisitiveness is an incredibly powerful feeling – we all know the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”.

The entire human race is hard wired with curiosity built in. The Subscribers Only plugin taps into that curiosity and gets people to subscribe to your blog.

The sale for the Subscribers Only plugin goes live today, Sunday 8th September at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and will run for 48 hours.

The first 25 copies are just $10 with a price increase after that so the faster you get in the lower the price you’ll pay.


-Frank Haywood